80 to 40: Days 68–66

Keeping up a diary is harder than I thought.

Day 68 was highlighted by the Frogtown Art Walk. I really loved it; a stretch of L.A. behind Dodger Stadium and alongside the LA River opens up and has art and music all down the main drag. Some interesting exhibits, good music (I especially liked a couple of bands: Kuromi and L.A. Coyote.) 
I also discovered a new entry for The List! I still haven’t made it to Frogtown’s big restaurant location — Salazar, which is one of the hottest restaurants in L.A. right now — but I did get a delicious burger at Wax Paper, a little husband and wife spot. Swiss Cheese, onions, and brown butter garlic sauce were the main ingredients; it was supposed to have a black pepper aioli but I asked for mine sans aioli. The restaurant itself is almost literally a hole in the wall so it’s not a date night destination but if you ever find yourself in the Frogtown area, definitely make your way to Wax Paper (my friend Nick highly recommends the <correction> TUNA sandwich.)

Saturday was a clean up day in the Casa de SoulHonky but I did make time to venture out to the OUE SkySpace at the US Bank building, the tallest building west of the Mississippi.

The coolest part was probably the the part pictured to the left — a plank of plexiglass you could stand on while looking down 70 floors of neon lit iron work.

The main attraction is the Sky Slide, a slide from the 70th to the 69th floor. It’s a tourist trap, no doubt, but I’m glad that I did it if just to knock it off the list. The slide is so short (4o feet or so) and so quick (lasts less than 2 seconds) that it is kind of a nothing burger. If you’re going to go there, the destination should probably be 71Above, the restaurant/bar at the 71st floor of the building. Very cool looking space. Last I checked, it is a prix fixe menu of three courses for, you guessed it, $71. I still haven’t eaten there but I feel like a sunset dinner would be a great date spot.

Monday was about getting back into the swing of things. My latest in a long line of (broken) resolutions is to get into a workout routine and, at least, try to get in 100 sit-ups and 50 pushups a day. My new treadmill movie is The Program, the recent Lance Armstrong film, not the college football cult classic. Still not a fan of watching films piecemeal (in this case, in 30 minute intervals) but it’s a good way to knock off some of the films that I’ve been meaning to watch but haven’t been inspired to finally sit down and invest two hours in. A show that I’m looking forward to like “The Get Down”, now available on Netflix, is something that I want to sit down and devour in one sitting. But stuff like The Program, The Stanford Prison Experiment, Pawn Sacrifice are the kind of films I could see watching in chunks.

Monday also saw me right another scene of “The Cleanse” and re-work the ending a bit so all I have left to write is the grand finale. The scenes I’m writing now are kind of puke takes — just throwing stuff up on the page that I’ll go back and fine tune/upgrade later — but it’s helping get through the script rather than going back yet again to the start of it and rewriting. I want to get the first draft done and then have a full framework to focus on while re-writing.

I still haven’t work on any of my other side projects but the week is young!