The Summer of SoulHonky BEGINS!

Well, we’re almost one week into the summer so it’s time for me to get my goals on paper and see if I can actually live up to them for once.

First up, I want to Check out one new event and one new locale a week. I have an ever-growing To Do list of events and restaurants and I want to really take a whack at them this summer. For this week, I went to Baldoria and Eclair’s Cozy Corner, both in the Little Tokyo Area and my event was an art show in DTLA, which was pretty interesting although the timing of the show didn’t pan out. There was some kind of invisible ink substance on the paintings so they were black or darker to start and then the painting underneath slowly revealed itself as the night went on. The problem was that the show ended at 11:45 and the paint hadn’t disappeared enough. There was a definite difference but not nearly what I think they had hoped for. You can see what they were going for at the 1:02 mark in this video (the time lapse makes it much cooler than what was there although the art was still very impressive.

A few pictures from the event and the street art in and outside of the venue are below.

The second goal, which has been a goal forever now, is to finish the four writing projects and one music project I have lined up. There are three pilots and one film script and a comedic music idea that I want to record and shoot this summer. I’ve actually finished two of the scripts before but I’m doing some significant rewrites to them.

Health-wise, I gotta get my ass down to 190. I got down to 206 earlier this month but I’m back around 215 so I need to commit to a workout routine and eating better, especially bringing in my salads for lunch instead of “forgetting” and “having” to go to In and Out instead.

Those seem to be the three big goals for the summer. I’d like to go on some more weekend trips (went to San Diego last weekend and loved it; can’t wait to go back) but that’s not really a goal. Also, I’ve been planning a lot of things already for my weekends so I might have overbooked myself. I was thinking about going to Vegas next weekend for the NBA Summer League but not completely sold on that idea right now.

So let the good times roll! Summer is here! Let’s do this!

Oh, and any and all recommendations for LA events or locales to visit are always appreciated.

Purity by @dodo_ose
Inside the venue — The Container Yard
At the entrance of The Container Yard

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