Free Executive Webinars in August (Part 2)

The second half of August offers a great selection of free webinars from top business school faculty. And I cannot imagine a single executive or manager for whom these topics aren’t applicable: change management, leadership, and happiness.

Making Change Happen in Your Organization at Columbia — August 16

How do you successfully handle the process of change in an organization? In this webinar, Columbia Business School professor Joel Brockner introduces an overarching conceptual model for effective change management. Professor Brockner is a globally-recognized expert on change management, psychological aspects of work, decision-making etc. He teaches or directs several outstanding programs at Columbia including High Impact Leadership and Leader as Coach (an online program).

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Leadership in a Technology-Driven World at Imperial College Business School — August 16

On the scale from 1 to 10, how good are you at leading people and leveraging technology? Being great at both is critical for leadership success today. If you want a preview of a course on leadership in a technology-driven world which starts in October, here is your opportunity. Professor Nelson Phillips, whom you will meet during the webinar and in class if you enroll in the course, concentrates on entrepreneurship, technology strategy, and organizational behavior.

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The Science of Happiness 2.0 at Thunderbird — August 23

The last (but certainly not least) item on this list is a webinar by Tim Cross. If you sign up, you will get the final and definite answer to the question: What makes people happy? Ok, you won’t. But you’ll get a condensed version of key research on the topic, which, hopefully, will make you at least a tiny bit happier. Register here:

Enjoy the rest of the summer!