Free Webinars from Great Schools in early August

Alex Dolinskiy
Jul 31, 2018 · 2 min read
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The Anatomy of a Great Leader — Aug 9

What does “great” look like for leadership in our age of relentless change? Is it to be assertive or accommodating? Anchored or adaptive? Decisive or reflective? All of the above? Whichever way you look at it, the path to great leadership today looks confusing, complex and quite possibly, beyond human reach. Join Columbia Business School faculty Hitendra Wadhwa and Josh Davis dissect the anatomy of great leadership and explore a new model for leadership that invites you to shift the focus from the outer to the inner, from behavior to principles, from the ever-changing to the unchanging, from the situational to the universal. This work on the new science of Personal Leadership shows that leaders can build a foundation on the inside that can continually help them execute great leadership behavior on the outside. It’s a great preview for an amazing Columbia Business School course. Feel free to register here.

Optimizing Work Automation: Getting Past the Hype — Aug 7

John Boudreau from University of Southern California presents their forthcoming book “Reinventing Jobs”. Going beyond traditional concepts like a “job,” Jesuthasan and Boudreau will show that optimizing work and automation calls for a re-examination of what a job really is and show how to determine variations of tasks within jobs, and how those elements might be reconstructed into new and different combinations. Register here:

Financial Risk Management — Aug 8

Join Robert Kosowksi speaking about his program “A Complete Course in Risk Management”. This online information session will cover the current risk landscape for financial services. We will also discuss what participants will learn on this course and what the benefits of attending are. Feel free to register here.

Strategies for Successfully Communicating with Senior Executives — Aug 9

Now more than ever, leaders and managers at all levels of an organization are bombarded by data and information. How do you cut through the noise to succinctly and effectively hold a senior leader’s attention and persuasively communicate your message or present a solution to problems that have been vexing the organization? Join this webinar with retired Air Force Major General Theresa Carter at Purdue University to learn how she does it.

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