How 1 course saved our company during the 2008 financial crisis

Rodney Daut
Course Builder’s Corner
2 min readNov 10, 2022


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When I was 31, the revenue of the coaching company I worked for dried up.

The 2008 financial crisis caused many of our clients to get laid off, and potential clients were afraid to spend money.

But when my boss asked if he could delay my paychecks for a little while, I knew we were really in trouble.

Would we ever recover? Would we get our clients back? During this time, my girlfriend who lived with me, also lost her job. Double whammy.

I had money saved so I knew I could make it long enough to find another job if need be, but I really didn’t want another job. I worked from home.

I loved the freedom my job gave me.

And losing a work from home job in 2008 would probably mean a nasty commute would be in my future.

But, my boss had the idea of turning his coaching process into a self-help program.

He even borrowed $30k to do it.

The day we launched that product, I knew we’d turned a corner.

Hundreds of orders came in. My boss was able to give me my back pay. And we were able to continue selling this product for years.

Little did I know but the owner’s friends had told him to lay me off. Without my salary this tiny company would have been breaking even. But instead, I helped him build a course that changed the lives of thousands of people.

What can we take away from this experience?

Work creatively to solve problems on your own terms. Don’t compromise your values, instead find creative solutions. When you are faced with a difficult either/or choice find the third way that gives the best of both options. And above all, don’t give up no matter what others say you should do.

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