Covalent Beta 3 is ready for Angular version 4!

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3 min readApr 6, 2017

Covalent 1.0.0-beta.3 has been released for immediate availability.

The march to Covalent stable continues with the 3rd Beta for Covalent!

tl;dr: ng-conf 2017, Angular v4 compatibility, refactored Autocomplete Chips, refactored Toggle Directives, Ahead-of-Time compilation fixes, RTL & a11y improvements, and bugfixes galore!

Github / Docs & Demo / Changelog / Upgrade / Quickstart

ng-conf 2017

The entire core team of Covalent is here in Salt Lake City this week for the biggest Angular conference of the year! If you see someone rockin’ a Covalent t-shirt make sure you grab them to chat!

Angular v4 compatibility

We are thrilled to announce that Covalent is now fully compatible with Angular v4! Kudos to the Angular team for working tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition from Angular v2 to Angular v4 (what happened to v3? read more here). Notice the reference to “v4” and “version 4”? The project has also rebranded as simple “Angular” since the new release plan delivers a new version every 6 months. The only real required change for our users is changing <template></template> to <ng-template></ng-template>.

Refactored Autocomplete Chips

Our temporary Autocomplete solution has been completely refactored with the Angular-Material md-autocomplete & md-chips, improving browser support and greatly improving accessibility.

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Keyboard controls for autocomplete chips

Full RTL (right-to-left) Language Support

Covalent now supports a11y (accessibility) & l10n (localization). We also proudly support RTL in our components and layouts.

Test in docs

Refactored Toggle Directives

Since Angular v4 changed several core animation functions, we took the opportunity to improve our Toggle and Fade utility directives. They’re now more performant cross-browser and silky smooth.

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Fixes & Improvements

Bug fixes and stability improvements across the board.

  • Ahead-of-Time compilation fixes and improvements
  • Abstraction of SASS importer for more compiler flexibility
  • Password input support in Dynamic Forms
  • Loading support for OnPush change detection
  • Improved RTL & LTR support
  • Search bar improvements (overflow, debounce, placeholder)
  • Pipes (date pipe fix in Safari and l10n for digits pipe)
  • much more…

What’s up next for Covalent?

Covalent has undergone a wide release across Teradata products and has proven to be incredibly stable. Since Covalent is built upon Angular-Material, which will stay beta while adding new UI components, we have remained in betas thus far. We are considering entering into a Release Candidate phase next since we’ll largely be improving stabilities and existing Covalent components.

Data table improvements coming!

Since we literally have the word ‘data’ in our company name, anything data-related is of the utmost importance to our products. We’re currently prioritizing a backlog of internal & external data table feature requests which will be the main focus for our next release.

Thanks to our contributors!

We’re up to 23 contributors with tons of activity in Github Issues. Thanks for everyone’s hard work in continuing to establish Covalent as the leading enterprise Angular UI Platform.



Kyle Ledbetter

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