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“Work in Progress”: Introduction to the new Covalent blog series

At Covalent, our job is helping high-stakes industrial businesses have the right people with the right skills working on the right job at the right time. So while our partners currently face countless challenges (e.g., end-market demand, supply chain resilience, etc.), we look through a lens toward the workforce — whether they be on-the-floor, in-the-field, on-the-deck-plate, etc.

With that in mind, we are seeing the majority of industrial businesses currently falling into one of two groups:

  • Operations have been idle, and leadership is “reopening”. It’s unclear how quickly work will ramp back up, who will be needed, who will return to work, and what skills they will bring with them.
  • Operations have been scaled back, and critical work continues. Many of these operations are combatting resource challenges — whether it be from high absenteeism, reductions in force (RIFs), furloughs, etc.

In response, we’re launching a series focusing on how industrial employers are navigating these challenges — with an emphasis on workforce practices that both improve agility and save costs at the same time ASAP. Here’s the projected rundown of posts:

Our goal is to highlight some of the levers being pulled to make operations as efficient as possible. The thread pulling it all together is operationalizing workforce qualification data. Stay tuned!



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