Democratizing blockchain with Tellus the Transaction Designer

Do you work or own a service provider, a consultancy firm, or are building a startup that could benefit from blockchain?

Walter Montes
Jan 28 · 3 min read

Every new technology with the potential of blockchain gets us excited. AI, IoT, Big Data, an so on. But when building new businesses staying at the lower layers of the technology is expensive.

This makes actual broad and real-life adoption unviable.

Most of the recent modern technologies today already have higher levels of robust and flexible layers that developers and builders can use to advance the adoption of the technology. Blockchain not much.

Designing your asset with the right structure you need.

We built Tellus as a smart contracts-based protocol for any developer to create their innovations with ease.

You still get all the benefits of a Blockchain, without building everything from scratch every single time.

A while ago, we found out that some of the main reasons why blockchain in the enterprise hasn’t gone mainstream yet are:

  1. Exploration and experimentation are key on blockchain projects. Today it’s really expensive to do both. While building a blockchain project, the technology is far from being the most important piece. The changing pace that exploring a new business model requires versus the actual cost of building everything from scratch, kills projects.
  2. The blockchain is just a data layer. Yes, a blockchain implementation enables us to build things that were previously unviable. But most of the actual value from blockchain projects comes from the off chain pieces: web and mobile apps, IoT devices, integrations, etc.
  3. Quality is a concern. When we talk about immutability, we need to be extra careful. We surely can fix things later, but credibility is always at stake. Building everything from scratch increases the chances of bugs.

We typically compare Tellus with the fact that we don’t build database engines from scratch anymore, so why would we build our assets and transactions engines from scratch every single time? Instead, we rather focus on modeling the right assets and transactions to solve business challenges.

Tellus brings a wide range of benefits to your business:

  • You can build for multiple/different industries with the same platform. It is not industry-specific, on the contrary, it is a multi-purpose engine.
  • It is tested and improved from the implementation of tens of users around the world bringing feedback and test cases for it every day. You are using a protocol constantly evolving and being tested on other real-life use cases such as yours.
  • Changing things become a matter of drag and dropping in a user interface, rather than changing code. This reduces the space for new bugs introduced to your solution and increases your speed to market by at least 10x. It also incentives businesses to experiment and iterate.
  • You are not limited to just one programming language! Tellus exposes all of its features through a RESTful APIs, making it possible for IoT, mobile, web, VR, or any other application to insert/call data from the blockchain.

With our SaaS Plan for Developers, you can start in minutes, handle multiple projects in the same platform and when you go to production you can reuse the same code base and design of assets and transactions.

It is typically used by consultants, developers, and integrators so that they can sell, build, and ship their projects without worrying about any technical matter. But any company can create an account today, especially companies evaluating if blockchain is a fit for their business.

Be sure to focus on solving business problems rather than technical problems.


A unified development platform to create and deploy enterprise smart contract systems.

Thanks to Diego Barahona

Walter Montes

Written by

CEO @ Covalent —



A unified development platform to create and deploy enterprise smart contract systems.

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