Tellus: From idea to proof of concept to production in hours

Announcing the General Availability for Tellus, our Transaction Designer.

Walter Montes
Jan 18 · 3 min read

We are thrilled to announce that after months of work with Early Adopters and BETA customers, we are opening up Tellus to the world. Sign up today.

Tellus is a transaction designer for Hyperledger Fabric.

It enables you to design, in a simple and friendly user interface, how you want your business transactions to look like and model assets from the real world. Then, it translates that design to Blockchain specific data structures.

No previous blockchain knowledge needed.

Basic building blocks for Tellus.

In this way, you can create blockchain solutions while you just focus on business understanding.

Tellus stays at the data layer level, which means that you can integrate your existing or new applications through APIs.

Imagine that instead of using MongoDB, SQL Server or Oracle you created low-level database infrastructure for each project. Crazy, right?

That’s why we created Tellus.

After tens of customer engagements, we found the right pattern for a flexible and powerful engine for the business networks of tomorrow.

You design from your personal computer and deploy to your blockchain network in minutes. The Tellus Admin Console allows you to design your blockchain protocol, while the Tellus Engine allows you to interact with the Blockchain.

Tellus can be used by developers and business-people alike. You just need an internet connection to start designing and then deploy through a one-liner script to your development or integration environment.

With Tellus, you can start in minutes, focus on your actual business, and iterate as much as you want without ever changing a line of code in the blockchain.

You can also design as many transactions as you want, this makes the value proposition exploration for projects a real lean process.

Tellus is not a blockchain, it works on top of Hyperledger Fabric. Tellus is rather a blockchain protocol based on smart contracts. It can be installed on top of a blockchain network (Hyperledger Fabric for now) and called by your own applications.

Think of this new technology stack somewhat like this:

New stack for your applications with Tellus. Comparison with a MongoDB deployment on Ubuntu.

Tellus is also fully integrated with Forma which enables you to deploy blockchain infrastructure to your own environment with just a few clicks.

We have a Developer Plan that allows you to develop and integrate on top of Tellus in a cost-efficient manner. As well subscription based Plans for your real life deployments.

How can you benefit from Tellus?

  • Are you part of a business network that wants to try blockchain by itself? Tellus is for you.
  • Do you have a startup or solution that would benefit from a blockchain? Power your data layer and extend your application.
  • Are you providing consultancy or integration services for your customers? Increase your opportunities and differentiate by providing blockchain-enabled services.

Since you are who design on top of the protocol, you can build almost anything, from product traceability platforms to industry level processes.

What do you think? Want to give it a try?

Sign up today to get access to a 15 days free trial.


A unified development platform to create and deploy enterprise smart contract systems.

Thanks to Diego Barahona

Walter Montes

Written by

CEO @ Covalent —



A unified development platform to create and deploy enterprise smart contract systems.

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