WorldSibu is now Covalent

Walter Montes
Aug 26 · 2 min read

Today is an exciting day for the WorldSibu family. Our company is entering a new phase of growth thanks to the work and support of our employees, stakeholders, customers, partners, and community.

We have close partnerships with the key players in the field and our platforms are helping power some of the most exciting blockchain use cases in the world for corporations and startups alike. This evolution is driving us to better position ourselves for the growth pace we are experiencing.

Why are we changing the name?

WorldSibu was an initial name with a very different vision of the value we could provide. Almost 2 years on business have to lead us to better understand how we can serve our customers, partners, and community. We chose Covalent because it aligns better with our future and strategy, but more importantly where we believe we can provide the most value.

Businesses are evolving and changing their strategies on how to produce sustainable ecosystems. This rising trend is leading to new paradigms of shared infrastructure, not only to build more robust and strong data layers, where DLT/blockchain plays a critical role but also to find the greater value of these new patterns where automation and coopetition are key.

We see such evolution in the enterprise similar to how covalent bonds in the molecules help to architect our world, in both cases, that behavior makes it clear that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. That is what we believe will create a brighter future for in the enterprise and our communities and where we can play a critical role.

What now? What changes for you?

Business as usual. Every tool out there will remain under the “worldsibu” namespace for at least 1 month. Our Github repo and our NPM packages. While every URL that you may have bookmarked will continue to work for a few years, though we advise to now reference to

Our commitment to our customers, partners, and community

Our focus on being a customer-centric company remains. Our operations and platforms too. This change represents a better positioning for growth along with everybody involved in this exciting journey and we can wait for you to join us in this new growth phase.

Walter Montes, CEO;
Uriel Herrera, Head of Community;
Diego Barahona, Chief Technology Officer;
Richard Murillo, Chief Marketing Officer.


A unified development platform to create and deploy enterprise smart contract systems.

Walter Montes

Written by

CEO @ Covalent —



A unified development platform to create and deploy enterprise smart contract systems.

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