Why Facebook Kinda Sucks Now

I’m getting tired of defending Facebook. I still use the service, but more often than not my friends are telling me the’re on Facebook less than they used to be. I don’t know that I believe them — but I do know that I am growing sick of the Facebook news feed.

I loved when my feed was full of posts from my friends updating their pictures — but there’s too much noise now.

I’m part of the problem — for example, I will be posting this blog as my Facebook status, and it will therefore end up on someone’s feed. The irony is not lost on me. But I decided to just do a small case study, scroll through my feed and see what came up. Here were the first 36 statuses (I’m in an area with no wifi so it didn’t load past 36):

The fact that only 11% of my news feed is made up of photos pisses me off. Wasn’t Facebook once a photo sharing application, at its core?

The other number that kills me is that 58% of articles are made up of news clips.

I’d prefer those two numbers flip.

But, I suppose I don’t have much control, it’s my choice to be on Facebook — I still tolerate it enough to use it lots… I just kinda miss the old version. One day, maybe I’ll tell my kids that:

“Back in my childhood, Facebook was a website on a flat screen and it used to have pictures of your friends on it.”

The other thing that bothers me is how useless Facebook notifications are.

In breaking those down I found the following:

Only 32% of my notifications have anything to do with interacting with friends! And God forbid anyone message me on Facebook — if I try to click on the message I’m sent to a new app, called Facebook messenger where I’m prompted to ask my friends to download it.

Overall, I see stuff I don’t want to see, am told about stuff I don’t want to know about, and hate the messaging experience (though bet this will get better).

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