Juliette CEO of FloodMapp: The Secret to sending a great first message to Corporates

Nicole McCallum
May 1, 2018 · 4 min read
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What’s the secret to getting the Corporates’ attention on CoVentured? Juliette, Co-founder and CEO of FloodMapp joined CoVentured a month ago and has already conversed with 3 of Australia’s leading Corporates on the platform.

She shares with us the secret sauce to getting the Corporates attention in the first message.

I have a background in engineering and worked as a water resource engineer for 10 years. As an expert on flood modelling, many of my friends would message me during heavy rainfall asking if they were at risk of flooding. In 2011 and 2013 I saw first hand the devastating effects of flooding — people losing homes, valuable belongings and even loved ones.

There is so much data on flooding out there to prevent such devastating losses, yet people do not have access to this information at the right time. I thought there must be a better way to share this information during a flood risk. This is when I decided to start FloodMapp.

FloodMapp is a live interactive flood map helping people find and understand warnings that are relevant to them. By having access to this information, they can better prepare for flood risks and save belongings that otherwise would have been lost. For insurers FloodMapp provides them with an understanding of where people will be affected, allowing them to plan better and improve operational efficiency.

Flooding is costing insurance companies and banks billions of dollars due to claims made and relief support required after a flooding incident.

FloodMap needed to connect with key Corporates in the insurance and banking industries but we were struggling to know how. A cold email or LinkedIn message often goes unnoticed and it’s hard to know in a Corporate who the right person is to message.

So when we came across CoVentured, there was no hesitation in creating a profile!

The first thing I like about CoVentured is having access to a list of Corporates who are open to having conversations with Startups. There are lots of banks, insurers and construction companies that I could contact but CoVentured helps me know which companies I should contact first. This saves me time and ensures I make meaningful Corporate connections.

The second thing I like about CoVentured is being able to read Corporate profiles especially their interest areas. This helps me understand what’s important to that Corporate at this point in time. I can look at their profiles and know what strategic initiatives they’re currently putting resources into. This makes it easy for me to find parallels with the Corporate and identify the common ground to send the first message.

You only have 1000 characters so it’s so important to write something that will pique their interest.

There are four key things I do when messaging a Corporate:

  1. Write about how you can help them. The Corporate has highlighted key strategic points on their CoVentured profile so write about how you align with this. How can you help them achieve this outcome?
  2. Only write a little bit about your company. Write about your company in one sentence. Corporates are very busy — they don’t want to read 3 paragraphs about what you do or the tech you use. The one sentence formula I use is “We do X for Y by doing Z” — so for FloodMapp “We help insurers prevent losses from flooding by providing their customers with more warning time and personalised messaging.”
  3. Why you’re the team to do this. Again keep it short. I usually mention that I have 10 years experience in flood modelling.
  4. Show them you understand their business. Do your research. And CoVentured makes this so easy! Look at the Corporate profile and if you need more information just use Google. You can do so much background research so that when you send the first message you can show the Corporate you truly understand their business.
  5. Have a call to action. Finish the message with a call to action, whether that be a coffee meeting or a phone call. Treat it like a first date — you don’t want to go in with a full on sales pitch. Show you want to get to know them and find the best way to collaborate.

Thanks to Juliette, we now know the secret to sending a great first message that piques the Corporate’s interest.

So, to help you write the best first message we’ve put together this useful template:

— — — — — — —

Hi there,

I’m founder of .

does X for Y by doing Z.

We know that is

can help by

We would like to connect with someone at to


— — — — — — — —

So what are you waiting for? Know which Corporate you want to connect with — go ahead and send the first message on CoVentured.

Not yet on CoVentured? Sign up and create your free profile here.

And if you want to find out more about FloodMapp check out their profile.

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