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AI-generated images of our non-human interns, Aiko and Aiden
Aiko (L) and Aiden (R), who supplied their own names and visual representation last week

Introducing our first AI interns, Aiko and Aiden

From the department of non-human resources

Screenshot of AI conversation. Question: Do you think you’d be a good intern? Answer: As an artificial intelligence, I do not have personal experiences or the ability to perform physical tasks. However, I am able to provide information and assistance with a wide range of tasks and subjects, and I am designed to be helpful and efficient. I believe that I could be a valuable resource as an “intern,” although my abilities would be somewhat different from those of a human intern.
  • Our own team has been hesitant to integrate AI into our creative workstreams
A conversation with AI. Question: What are names that begin with AI? Answers include Aiden, Aiko, Aileen, Ailish, and others.

Anticipated questions

How did you come up with the names and avatars?



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