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3 Things We Loved About #TCDisrupt

Why we will be back next year!

In case you couldn’t tell by our Twitter feed, we had a fun and productive week at TechCrunch Disrupt. When we got back to Atlanta we got a lot of questions like “Was it worth it?” and “Would you go back?”

Good questions, especially since it can be expensive and time-consuming to make a west coast trip for a young startup. So, will we go back?

Yes. And here are 3 reasons why: Anchor, Affordable, Access

  1. It is a great anchor for a west coast swing. Because a west coast trip is expensive and time-consuming, we found that TCD acted as an anchor to plan the week. We knew several months in advance that we were going, so that gave us plenty of time to lock down meetings with our west coast partners and advisors. In addition, we were able to secure meetings with investors and prospective customers in the Bay Area.
  2. It’s affordable. TCD does a good job of putting together an affordable package for startups. We were able to secure 3 tickets to the 3-day conference and a booth for 1 day for less than $2k. The best part is that TCD groups your startup with other startups in your space. So we exhibited on the day for collaborative tools and AdTech (perfect match!) Also, discount hotels! The TCD discount for a Union Square hotel was $200 per night! That is an amazing deal for SF!
  3. TCD provided tons of access to some big-time players in the community. We had representatives from SoftBank, Twitter, and Oath stop by our booth. Not to mention the location itself put us within walking distance to our advisor, an investor, and a key partnership meeting at Slack HQ.

Bonus reason: The after party! 90’s themed after party at the Midway was pretty awesome! Check out this pic:

The after party got a little crazy!

We will definitely try to go back to TechCrunch Disrupt next year (it may be in NYC btw), but only if we can use it as an anchor that helps create a full week of meetings. We probably would not make the journey if it were only for the conference. Though we all really enjoyed the sessions and the exhibit hall.

This is the booth we had on Day 3:

Booth with some sweet swag

See you next year!

The Eletype Team

See you next year!



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