Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we would like to thank…

Nov 23, 2018 · 2 min read

A special note of thanks today to everyone that has helped us on our journey this year. This is more difficult than we could have ever imagined and we are thankful to have you on the team.

Today we would like to thank the following:

To our very early investors that took a chance when we really really needed it: Anand Thaker and Jimmy Blaesi, you have no idea. 🙏

To TechSquare Labs and Atlanta Startup Battle. Thank you, Allen and Paul, for investing in technical founders and believing in us. 👨‍💻

Our home at ATDC and the amazing support from Jane, Frank, Michael M, Jeff G, Shannon, Jacqui, and Aubs! 🏠👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

The team at Slack, specifically Sid and Conor, you guys rock! 🚀

The team at Facebook and Google, there are a lot of you that make it work! 👷

Our Atlanta friends at 360i (Jason and Aubrey), CallRail (Ryan and Bryan), and MailChimp (Jamie). 🍑 🤝

Thanks to Scott Brinker at Cheifmartec for literally putting us on the map (MarTech Supergraphic) 🗺️

Two great publications that help get the word out: Hypepotamus (Holly), Southern Startup Report(Mallory) 📰

Shoutouts to companies we love: Landing Lion (Alan and Andrew), Ad Reform & Userfeed.io (Landon), Stackfolio (Pav), Safely (Andrew), Grassroots (Zach), Fixel (Hadar & Elad), Search Discovery (Noah), Sharpahead (John), AppRiver (Beth), Digital Envy (Eric), Mammoth Solutions (Kyle), FIXD (John), CoxMedia (Brooke, Pete, Spencer), MarkedMedia (Matt), Engage121 (Ryan!), Giuseppe, Fetch Funnel(Samir), CabinetM (Sheryl), Socionado (Will and Kofi) and Agency Spotter (Brian) 💪 👊

Awesome people that help because they are awesome: Harold, Evan, Michael C, Rachel F, Brother Matt S! 🙌

All of our investors: Anand T, Ken M, Greg F, Colt, Rich K, Andrew S, Andrew L, David E, Scott H, Doug S, Jimmy B. 💰💵

And our #1 investors: Megan, April, Mae Ellen ❤️ 🥇

Look for some big updates as we close out the year and, in the meantime, have a Happy Thanksgiving. 🦃🍷😴

The Eletype Team

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