Covesting announces its first community contest with a total prize of 3,500 COV!

Dear community,

We are grateful to be the foundation behind such a community full of selfless folks –each one of you is a blessing for Covesting’s journey. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the supporters of Covesting for all they have done to make Covesting the way it is. We are grateful for the work and moments you create. That is what pushes us to grow.

We have noticed how many erudite and artistic community members there are and for that reason we’re really excited to announce our first community contest!


- Covesting’s Community Contest starts on June 28 and closes on July 28
- You are allowed to submit up to 7 entries.
- Entries can be in the form of an Image, Gif, Animation, Info Graphic, Video
- All entries are required to be in English language.
- All entries should have a backup in Twitter.
Are you a good writer? Writing an article counts too! All Writing entries should have a backup on any blogging platform (Medium, Blogger, Steemit, Naver, etc.)
- All material should be original content. Copyrighted material is not allowed.
- Offensive/Misleading material will be disqualified.

What we would love to see in the Covesting’s Community Contest:

• What advantages does Covesting offer
• Engaging content about Covesting
• Covesting’s vision

• Covesting Tokenomics
• Legal compliance
• Copy-trading
• Community focused
• Liquidity Aggregation
• Anything related to Covesting

How to enter the Covesting’s Community Contest

Join Covesting’s official reddit at
Upload your submission to the Covesting’s official reddit (If it’s a blog post or a video, post a link to it with a small explanation of the content).
Tweet your submission and make sure you tag @covesting
The jury for the contest will be the CEO of Covesting — Dmitrij Pruglo and the community manager of Covesting.
All entries will be assessed by the following criteria:
50% Creativity Points — 10pts max
50% Social Media Points
— 10pts max(Who has the most upvotes/likes/shares/retweets. Don’t be afraid to engage with other community submissions.)


1st Place: 1000 COV tokens
2nd Place: 500 COV tokens
3rd Place: 300 COV tokens
4th Place: 200 COV tokens
5th Place: 200 COV tokens

Writing competition winner: 1000 COV tokens
Social media outreach special prize (based on the highest social media points) : +300 COV tokens

If your entry is amongst the winners in the competition, you agree that the winning entry will immediately become the sole and exclusive property of Covesting, including copyright privileges, and you agree to forfeit any ownership and copyright claims to Covesting. This now means that Covesting can legally use any portions of any graphic submitted without further permission from the entrant.
For any questions please contact our Community Manager at

We are really excited to see what you can come up with!

Covesting team