Covesting ICO Hardcap Reached Early!

We hope everyone had a fantastic New Years celebration. 2017 truly ended with a bang for all of us in the Covesting community. Our ICO reached its hardcap early on December 31st, ending the ICO. We raised over $15m which gives us ample funding to deliver a platform that exceeds even our own expectations. We would like to thank each and every one of you who participated in the ICO, the bounty program, and took advantage of the referral rewards.

ICO Stats

16,500,000 COV tokens sold to public contributors
13,500 Contributions
10,500 Unique Token Holders
600+ Traders signed up
19,000+ Facebook followers
7800+ Telegram members
5700+ Twitter followers
1 Great community

One of the most remarkable parts of our ICO was the amount of unique token holders we have. The average token holder only holds about $1,800 worth of COV. Our token isn’t held and controlled by large whales. If you compare it to the top two ERC20 tokens (Eos and Qtum), we are largely held in smaller amounts. Qtum’s average token holder has $300,000 worth, while EOS’s average is at $55,000. While our coin currently has a much lower market cap, we are very pleased to see that we are widely held by individual investors who believe in Covesting’s future.

over 77% of COV tokens are held by individual smaller token holders

If you missed out on the chance to participate in the ICO, or would like to acquire more, the token is being traded on Etherdelta slightly above the ICO price at the time of this writing. We will be listed on HitBTC on January 20th, and are currently working on getting listed on other large exchanges.

Bounty & Referral Programs Payments

Our ICO largely succeeded due to the help of our community spreading the word about Covesting. Over 340 individuals earned referrals in just the last week of the ICO! We will be issuing out the COV and ETH earned from these programs this week. Please give us a few days to make the payments.

You can see the final referral amounts earned here.

Thank you again from the Covesting team for making our ICO an incredible success. We promise to make 2018 an even bigger year for our project and our community!

Yours, Covesting Team