First Ever Public Presentation of the Covesting Platform

Feb 22, 2018 · 4 min read

Only back in December 2017 Covesting successfully held an ICO after its MVP earned praise from the community. The company has demonstrated non-stop efforts in building its trading platform and related initiatives since then, with its unique educational and informational Crypto Intelligence Portal being launched the other day. And now Covesting went even further — it held the first public presentation of its trading platform, which is already a fully operational development.

Covesting’s CEO Dmitrij Pruglo guided the community through the main features of the platform, giving detailed explanations about how the platform operates. To see the presentation of the platform and comments of the CEO please visit:

Let’s have a look!

Settings is the first section users see when they enter and verify their account. Here they can set up their login and password, as well as add other necessary details. All the information is checked by the compliance team. The Referrals option allows users to invite others to join the platform, they will receive a reward in return.

Initial screen with security settings and verification


Users can start transferring their funds to the platform after the verification process. Detailed information on wallet holdings, current portfolio assets and their value in USD and BTC, and transaction history are available in the Funds section.

Funds and Wallet

In future, there will be additional payment methods implemented such as Visa and MasterCard, as well as bank wires. Here users can transfer funds to the platform’s wallet from their exchanges and vice versa. Also, the transaction history is available for downloading.


Wanna see your portfolio performance for a day, week, month, or a year or check how many followers you have? Then go to Dash Board. Here you can access the chart showing your portfolio results for a certain period, historical performance, and portfolio allocation. A unique feature — you can track your performance since the moment you made your first deposit on your account.

Not the best day to present the portfolio :) Markets are all down

If you are confident about your trading strategy and you feel thirsty for followers, then go to then you make your performance public. This will allow traders to see your track record and copy trades automatically. Also, Trading History shows all your executed orders and offers a possibility to export this data.


Exchange is the heart of the platform — a fully functional trading terminal, which aggregates liquidity from various exchanges and provides best prices for selected cryptocurrencies.

Fully operation Exchange. Aggregated liquidity filled the order book nicely

The Covesting development team pays a lot of attention to the development of a high frequency matching engine, which is a source of unique experience of instant order execution. The embedded chat will provide you with opportunity to discuss current trends with other users of the platform.

Follow traders!

Feeling uneasy about trading cryptocurrencies and lack experience — go to Search for Traders section and choose any among hundreds of experienced traders to follow.

In future we will add advanced trading features, such as algorithmic trading, cross- exchange arbitrage and others. The first algo strategy is planned to be released for the public in 3Q18.

All existing clients will receive 24/7 support, the most active clients will be provided support from personal account managers.

Beta platform release is scheduled for March as it was in original Roadmap.

Hope you enjoyed it! And stay tuned for more!

Covesting Team

Covesting Blog

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform with the most complete and professionally handled infrastructure for investors and traders.


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Covesting Blog

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform with the most complete and professionally handled infrastructure for investors and traders.

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