Jordan KYOSEV: “Derailing Is Not Something I Fear, Nor Necessarily A Bad Thing — Teaching Us How To Stay Flexible In Such A Fast-Paced Industry”

Jordan is one of Covesting’s most mysterious employees — everybody knows his thoughts on the company’s current affairs, how hard he works, and how he is involved in almost every detail of the platform’s development process. Working on his own initiative and even over his weekends, Jordan always actively responds to messages and is sensitive to even the slightest of changes in our community’s mood. He manages to remain close with each member of our community, but despite this, few people know ​​how he looks, where he lives, and what he does in his spare time — aside from managing the Covesting community.

Jordan, tell us how you turned out to be a member of our friendly team and what/who attracted you to the company?

I first joined Covesting during one of the initial ICO stages, liking the idea of being able to copy someone who is dedicated to trading and has way more experience than I do. 
Shortly after being interested in the development of the platform I started digging it a lot. I became an admin in March on a voluntary basis, by which time I had established myself within the community and made a lot of valuable contacts. A few months later, I woke up to a message from Covesting’s CEO — Dmitrij Pruglo:

“Would you be interested in having a paid support summership at the #1 cryptocurrency trading platform — Covesting? 
 Providing top class support and raising the industry benchmark? Full-time, working day shift.”

I’d already received several job offers from other projects that I had never even considered, however, I took this offer without any hesitation. Later, I was promoted to community manager and I currently double as community manager and a technical support assistant.

What is your education, specialty?

I’m a polyglot and am currently a student in computer science & software engineering in my home country — Bulgaria.

Where have you worked before? What is your previous experience?

I’m too young to have any significant formal work experience, however, most of my experience comes from helping my family garment business — one of the largest in Bulgaria. Having spent most of my free time there I’ve explored every job opening and position within the company.

I have always been a self-starter and quick learner. Even as a teenager, I was always looking for a way to monetize the time I was spending online — accepting small projects, creating websites, managing small online businesses, writing content etc. Due to this, as a teen I was already financially independent from my parents on the most part.

How did you find out about cryptocurrency and how did you enter this industry?

When I was 14, my cousin was building mining rigs for local investors. He briefly introduced me to the concept and after teenage me did a few years of research I completely understood and was assured that this was something I wanted to pursue.

Jordan Kyosev

Instead of buying CPUs and GPUs for computer games, I built a small mining rig and started compounding the mined coins into larger and larger mining rig builds. At a point my mother couldn’t even turn on the oven because the entire power system would collapse. I decided to move out and make it on my own shortly after this.

I then delved deeper into different coins and blockchain communities that I liked, gaining experience day by day. By 2017 I was already getting invited to lecture on cryptocurrencies and blockchain at different local forums.

What are your responsibilities at Covesting?

The list is quite extensive because I double as a community manager and technical support assistant, however, here are a few examples: 
 — Plan and implement different social media campaigns to align with our marketing team’s strategies. 
 — Organize events to build the community and boost awareness.
 — Maintain the professionalism and transparency of Covesting’s brand. 
 — Build relationships with everyone — potential customers, existing customers and industry professionals. 
 — Monitor feedback and seek improvement. 
 — Liaise with the development, support, marketing & PR departments to continue to maintain the top-quality services we offer.

How does your typical day start? Checking the telegram chat?

Ironically, yes. I wake up to hundreds — sometimes thousands — of unread messages. Some containing valuable input, suggestions and offers that need to be evaluated.
The rest of my free time is always a mystery to me and goes with the flow. I have lots of interests and hobbies such as driving, swimming and reading.

How are you planning and structuring your work? Is it by using a monthly plan or does something unexpected always derail your plans?

I always come up with a plan, develop it, execute it and then move on to the next idea I have. Derailing is not something I fear of nor necessarily a bad thing — teaching us how to be and how to stay flexible in such a fast-paced industry.

How does working here differ from working at other companies?

I’ve never met more open-minded and knowledgeable people. Simply being in touch with the team behind the project and the community in front of it is something that is really valuable to me.

The moment I joined Covesting, I was welcomed by everyone. I never expected such a great attitude and high morale within a team.

Which period was the most difficult for you as a community manager?

There was a period where a group of people were spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Creating many disruptions within the community, however, the moment we received our Distributed Ledger Technology license from the authorities in Gibraltar, all the negativity disappeared allowing us to finally show to the world what we’ve been working on behind the curtain.

Which difficulties do you always face as a community manager?

Being the youngest link in the entire team is a heavy duty to me. As of today, there are no certain difficulties that we can’t overcome, and even if one appears, we are already working on it.

Which three of your personal traits or habits help you in your work?

Opportunist. Adaptable. Confident.

Tell us about Covesting’s community. Does it differ from the communities of other projects?

Certainly, yes. Covesting’s community is a blend of unique people and open-minded viewpoints. We have extremely experienced community members in all sorts of fields. You can dive in and lead meaningful conversations, exchange ideas and information all day long.

Did you really leave college for a career at Covesting?

Partially true. I managed to switch to a private plan and extended my graduation, allowing me to be a full-time employee at Covesting in its development stages.

I believe Covesting is a once in a lifetime opportunity and am happy to be a part of its infancy.

Are there any people in the community who have become much more important to you than others? In the past year have you managed to make any friends here?

“It’s just business” was my general mindset during the first few months and I always try to treat everyone the same way, however, the more time I spend with the community I can certainly say that there are people that I break my character with. About friends — a lot, definitely.