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2 min readSep 16, 2020

-- is launching a way to track and share portfolios.

The Problem:

We have incredible communities to generate ideas: sell-side research, Sohn, #fintwit, Seeking Alpha, even Youtube and Medium… but no place to track and share the performance of those ideas inside a portfolio.

It’s easy to come up with investment ideas and change your mind after the fact if they go bad. Conversations are fleeting, Tweets and Youtube videos are deletable, medium posts are editable, and TV is forgettable. Even in published research, it is difficult to pin down exactly when a trade was entered or exited.

I too fell for the ease of sharing ideas. I have published multiple articles on Bitcoin and Ethereum suggesting that I know the price direction of these assets better than others. I have been proven right with 30%+ returns over three months, yet it is hard to get noticed among the noise of investment ideas.

The Solution:

We built to find the best investors in any community.

By joining you can:

  1. Post trade ideas and analyze the portfolio using 50+ metrics including: total return, return vs. S&P, volatility, Sharpe, max drawdown, position sizing over time, and leverage.
  2. Share the portfolio of ideas using custom links that can be private or public.
  3. Check your ranking vs. other investors by total performance and by return on idea.

All with the comfort of knowing that the timestamp of trades are immutable and we never ask for your financial accounts.

Join our Community or Create Your Community Now

For those who want to share their portfolio with the world now or in the future, we created the PRO plan: your trade ideas are saved in an immutable ledger and we track 50+ metrics.
Here is my portfolio using the PRO plan:

For investors who want to keep their ideas within their own community,
(i.e. Analyst to Portfolio Manager, Financial Advisor to Client, New Hedge Fund to Potential Clients, Analyst to Recruiter)
we have created the ENTERPRISE plan that allows you to create your own community of investors. Within a community, all trade and portfolio data is kept private.

We encourage you to check out to post and share your ideas.
We have a free plan available now that is a slimmed down version of the above two.



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