100–200 tests per person in Spain, might help to get the covid19 away.

More tests is not all, but it does help to find all the patients and treat them. And to isolate them. When there is a vaccine, it helps with targeted vaccinating.

  1. 199.548 tests
  2. 496 deaths per 1 million people
  3. 4847 cases per 1 million people
  4. 85712 active cases
  5. 117727 recovered
  6. new deaths 288
  7. 23190 total deaths
  8. 2870 new cases
  9. 226629 cases

Just 40 days lockdown and they give up. Daily cases 2870 cases per day. 288 deaths per day. Will they get the same outcome as everyone letting kids 1 hour per day outside, since today?

So, we could create a formula of about 2800 cases per day and 280 deaths per day. Then 1 hour per day outside with kids. In 17 days we can find more about that.

Death rates

10% deaths it seems when you see the data 2800 cases and 280 deaths on the same day, but 17 days delay we need to look at. And 17 days from now the 2800 cases and 280 deaths of today and then say a lot.

  • 5002 daily new cases on the 9th of April 2020 = 288 deaths today of that is a 5,7% death rate.
  • Total cases 153222 9th of April 2020 = Today 13290 total deaths is 15, 1%
  • Active cases 85610 9th of April 2020 = Today 13290 deaths, is 27% of those active cases at that time.

In 17 days we can measure that 1 hour per day play of kids in 17 days. What will it do?

See the article on Iceland, about the test rate. per death 10.000+ tests-210.000 tests to have 1–0 deaths.

So, 23190 *10.000+ tests- 210.000+ tests= 231.900.000+- 4.869.900.000+tets. They have 46 million people in the population. It is about 100–200 tests per person they need to get fewer deaths to no deaths.

Same as Iceland, it is a country where the virus was, thus when they have as Vietnam the same amount of tests and no deaths, we can compare the countries and see what is different. Are there now more things to do? Or is it now all the same?

  • Not pretending we always have mechanical solidarity or organic solidarity. We have nature. In 1800 and the industrialization, kids' labor was normal, because everyone was hungry, it was a way to have a chance to survive. They lived this way, had no other thing on their mind because there was only hunger. Organic and mechanical solidarity was new. They could first time feel together in factories, that is what they now could feel, they never had before. So, for how long was that a good feeling? We can name it mechanical solidarity, but is it good? No, we would now not automatically think that is so. We would study all sides, and also against it.

So, today we all must be biologists, as this has been studied a lot in 100 years, and the outcome. We can not just have theories, we need absolute truth and a basic is a biology, all human are biology.

They were happy with jobs and happy with kids at work. We are not as happy as slaves, we are depressed as slaves and in hunger. In that time hunger crimes might have been low. Today that is high. So, we would be more depressed with hunger crimes high and used as slaves, compared to then, with lower hunger crime and all mechanical in the same lives, and new lives, which seemed better than before. And many more reasons why they were happier that way, than we would today be with that same situation.

Organic solidarity we wish, we wish MD to rule the world now, in this pandemic, and together mechanically we wish such to follow the right ideas. We don’t wish to be slaves, we don’t wish to be in the industry, we wish to be in a higher class with more money, more possibilities as we can today. But there is this mechanical solidarity. We want all that new best, the highest level of being. Then, that was the factory, today that's all an MD, doctor's mind, a smart mind, able to follow up the highest sciences, that cures us of viruses.

Today we know all need MD studies, sciences, scientific methods, highest study majors.

So, not to rule, but to make all professions ready to understand them. To understand each other and to process the information we need, which has a high level. We need MD/psychologists, MD/cops, MD/ etc in every profession.

We already had such an MD/psychology shift in psychology.

Where we understand that lots of DSM are wrongly diagnosed, and we need to find physical illnesses, which make the DSM leave the files of the patients, and will only keep the physical illness we treat. Where the wish we have is MD/cops and other workers, to understand an MD/psychologist. And to not abuse our patients, as if they are criminals. Some people have criminal behavior because of mental illness, but that mental illness can be a physical illness.

An easy example is Alzheimer's.

40 years before we see it in DSM diagnoses, the disease is there, and brain scans do show it, but DSM psychologists did not use that, that much. They have a religion, a theory. And people have the choice to go see their studies and it might help. Might help, might not help. Might! And mainly because they do not have absolutes, they have made a philosophy, talk about behavior, they study behavior, they don't have absolutes, and no scans they use often.

So, these with Alzheimer's will in those 40 years have many misdiagnoses, all with a physical illness that get a DSM are easily misdiagnosed, as they have no DSM but a physical illness showing changes in behavior. So, when one has DSM, there is actually the need for a brain scan and body check-ups, and overtime. Depression can be a heart problem, etc.

Alzheimer's takes 40 more years to find or a brain scan. 40 years abused, actually, with the wrong diagnosis, and shorter life, because people refused to find it, and want their own way of earning money on people, as their religion is the DSM, but Alzheimer needs treatment to live longer. This way of treatment with DSM is the same as going to church and praying God heals the Alzheimer's, will he?

We prayed in 1800 on these mechanical and organic solidarities too, but they are from that time that everything was new. Where we are, biologists, now, all becoming MD.

How being an MD is not only in psychology a need.

A cop could find one in town, lost. Dementia, not confused as a schizophrenic or whatever they think. That can be 40 years an Alzheimer now coming out.

If you think one is mean to you because of their behavior, not able to listen, and you would treat them as if they do not have Dementia, you are the criminal. So, the wish is for all DSM, that cops, etc learn what that could be, a bigger study is an MD/psychology for them. As they get patients, with all kind of physical illness, not so stubborn, but in need of brain scans, and physical treatment. Now when that diagnosis changes into truth, the patient and cop are happy, and none thinks of court, all now know that's a patient, not a criminal. But in the end, the judges and courts and cops should not have had them as criminals, nor in their systems. They could find in their jails lots of people actually not criminals, but physically ill. They could clear out jails with studies as an MD/cop.

That wish we had, as a psychologist, because of the basis of what all humans do is, life, and is biology. And from this logic all people and their jobs build-out to be an MD.

But we already change into the next, sciences, above biology, starting with extra lessons in biology for cops, and other professions are way behind. They all need neuroscience, chemistry, physics. We seek absolutes, and the details too, so the level has to be higher of all jobs, and their studies.

For a cop interesting he won't be punishable if he has absolute truth and found an absolute situation, not a changing one. If their prisoners are diagnosed with DSM wrongly, and it's actually a physical illness, suddenly they look bad. They locked up wrong. If brain scans are new and done not yet well, that's the same. If they have a scientific law, a truth, they are saved.

Charlatan to a profession, to quality. And it has ups and downs. So, all fields change, they always do, but with a pattern of not knowing, and constantly hoping today is the day we are the best of the world, and then find us in a few years not best at all with that past, and that day we thought we were best. Everything will be better in the future. We are never absolutely there, until its absolute, scientific law. And lots we do today is not a scientific law, and absolute, but theory. Theories have a road to scientific laws, it takes some time.

They have no logic in being MD, or expert, and can easily follow no experts, or experts using this time.

They are influenced by not knowing what this all really means and feel a need to go outside, because of the lack of knowledge.

The deaths they take the way the governments say, thus we need to focus on punishing governments that let people die. So, people start the study of when is what governments do unethical?

One world court especially ruling pandemics, but can not be influenced by “new science” that leads to more deaths. We need a system for something like that. Where it is knowing absolutes and is not influenced by the ability to now add research fastly, so many things change.

It needs to have absolutes, not made absolute, but really the scientific laws. And made clear why countries or people can decide things themselves, missing the scientific absolutes. And makes it punishable for all trying to change that internally. Such a world government will have people wanting such power.

They need a big database on the dark triad, on how things can change, what pandemics are and what all studies say. A big database for all to get into as well.

But with covid19 its hard to find the work sometimes. We see many opinions, feelings, and things people want to change. We need the real data, and the understanding of it. And the real changes we need.



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