3 months ill and at home with coronavirus, sars2, covid19. Lockdown.

A lockdown shows a lot less deaths and less ill. It slowers down the infections, and stops the virus sooner. From 40% to 20% and even more with medicine. From 20% to 6% with medicine, and lockdown.

How to get to 0%. I think by understanding the time a bit more. We can not test more, because we have not enough tests. Who creates tests though are multi millionairs now. So, it is a market for who can.

We did 14 days quaraintes, then when ill help to recover, and then 24 hours after symptom free. What if we do it according to science? How fast we get all to 0%?

  • Its up to 27 days before you notice sars, covid19
  • Then 28 days average before death
  • Then 2 more weeks after recovery, to not infect others.

What if the entire world stayed in 3 months? What would happen after wards, where would the virus still be? On surfaces, they should been death, after 3 days.

So, you can have another of these 3 months indoors, the moment the virus is going around again and you get ill.

What if all already worked at home, had kids at home, and their schooling?

What if all already ordered all online?

What if all already worked online?

Would we mind as much about 3 months indoors?



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