40 days of COVID19. Survivor tells. Who will die? Recognize COVID19 symptoms.

Average is 28days before death. We can now study, during #lockdown, and find out all details of survivors, and can find the data and how the disease develops and since when. We can look back at many years and find patterns, hypotheses, and solve SARS. The more we do now, the faster its gone.

The survivor says typical things, we have been there before.

Years before with the same pattern in illness development could be like “normal corona” — SARS like types. I recognize that pattern from some years ago in 2014/ 2015. We all complainted like that, constant sick again, and constantly thinking we got better, than sick again. And from cold, to flu, to bronchitis in that time, and we had a season with extremely more deaths a moment, that year.

Hypothesis is: This season now in 2020 is SARS 4 or 3. Pneumonia raised since 2017.

Coronavirus we have more often. And the typical things of that 2015 season was, cold, get better, flu, get better & then pneumonia/ bronchitis, also walking pneumonia was very common. I think that season was known for bronchitis. (And kids diseases, with coughing a long time, and RVS). We need to research 2014/2015 flu season.

I remember many had double flu’s. Lots of kids too with RVS, and double flu, and all kinds of viruses. It was a scene like this, but now, this is more pneumonia. Deeper lower, in the lungs. And more the middle of the lungs as well. Not typical the bronchitis feel, but faster to lower in the lungs.

We need to check all years and the amount of deaths and how people were ill.

What they died from, and if from pneumonia and from what they got pneumonia.

And in this season, this year, these symptoms happened since christmas, and a bit before christmas.

The deathrate was the entire second half of 2019 in my country already higher then first half.

We could find back the beginning of COVID19, as it said it started not at the market, but more places had COVID19. We just know it since the market.

We can compare all countries, as this COVID19 is very typical, and shows the typical infected and deaths. We can track back a start date.

Very clear explanation of the development, and constant thinking to recover, then it gets worse.

So, recognize the cold first, the flu then, and then pneumonia. As if you are ill 3 times and recover 2 times, then it takes a long time to recover from pneumonia. In total it takes more than 40 days of illness. Just not really recovering, and it is the typical 28 days of death.

So, this illness is typical with 2 months- 3 months lockdown needed, and people will be ill 40 days. And die average after 28 days.

We can think of mental health: trauma, processing, need to tell about it, and fears.

We hear the patients finding it tough, a lot, traumatizing, and need time to process the fears, and the situation. Commonly they tell about the fear to die, or loosing a loved one, and the fear because of not able to breathe.

I think we need the understanding and logic that the patients are in fear, that their live will end, and the feeling of hardly breathing is horrific, and fearing them. They all explain how their thoughts became negative, and in fear for their lives.




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