A rash is a key symptom of Covid19.

8.8%- 20% of Covid19 patients have a skin rash, some without any other symptoms. Chicken-pox-like, typical rash on toes and fingers, hives, skin irritation, dryness, and dermatitis, thus touching something that makes it red and inflamed.

(Valley View Dermatology, 2020)

There are different types of rashes with Covid19, but characteristic.

Acral areas of erythema (pseudo-chilblain), Acral Ischemia — Itchy or painful acral ischemia that form on the toes of patients, this type of disorder is what’s been reported at “COVID toes.”

Urticarial lesions, Urticaria — a form of hives that’s been regularly reported and confirmed in COVID patients in the U.S., Canada, Finland, France, and Italy.

Maculopapular eruptions, Morbilliform — a diffuse maculopapular eruption on the skin that resembles Dengue.

Vesicular eruptions, Vesicular — A chicken-pox like rash that has been noted in patients in both Italy and the U.S.

Livedo, Livedo reticularis — Transient blanching or mottling of the skin, caused as a result of small blood clot located under the skin.

Petechial — Bleeding under the skin that causes petechial eruptions.”(UK News, 2020;Valley View Dermatology, 2020).

The hives would be an early sign of Covid19(UK News, 2020, p7), and testing that early could give negative tests (Kucirka,L, et al., 2020), Kawasaki’s disease in children is a symptom too (Hackett, 2020).

(Van Onselen, 2020)
(Hackett, 2020)


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