Communities determine health outcomes. What is a community?

We all decide what a community is(MacQueen et. al, 2001). So, to have an evidence-based idea on communities this research is done.

Not just a community, not just a national or regional plan.

The outcomes are determined on the level where prevention and intervention take place.

So, bad or good outcomes are determined in how we do preventions and interventions.

Where we have in the Netherlands, at the moment, the interventions and preventions are done by the national government, but they let the locals do the “plan”. There is where all went wrong. And that is not logical.

Logic is…

The one and same human rights, ethics, sciences, and empathy as all science can not be different, we do find the same outcome if we all study well. And we need to determine how well or bad we do on the prevention and intervention level.

The current differences in cities and regions are how well some do the prevention and intervention level, and some not. It simply means, done bad or good. So, we need to check the locals in their jobs.

The common idea on the community, and what that is: There are diverse characteristics, we all think a community should have, but we all share a common perspective, and engage in joint action in geographical locations or settings.

  • different emphasis
  • differently experienced by people of different backgrounds.

(Jade, 2020) Values, self-control, community.




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