Covid-19 Cleaning the hotel room!

Every visit to a place other than your home still needs the same cleaning, and perhaps some more, because other people lived in that place before you, some had Covid19, maybe without knowing, also, other people cleaned the space up, before you.

  • They might have Covid19 from cleaning and spread the virus.
  • They might have spread the virus from room to room.
  • They might do not clean that well, holiday rooms are known for not being clean.


Before you go to the holiday space, buy(you can buy these locally in a supermarket, or bring special disinfecting soaps and detergent):

  • Detergent
  • Disinfectant
  • Hand soap
  • Paper towels
  • Cleaning cloth

Have a plan.

Know what you will clean when you will clean, what you will clean first, and where you will put your bags, and the kids first, and where you will put them next when you clean the next parts of the space.

You can expect the normal holiday dirt, you can check if your towels get dirty.

Make a plan(Airbnb, 2020).

  1. Wear protecting clothes, masks, gloves.
  2. Ventilate the room, before cleaning.
  3. Wash your hands before and after cleaning.
  4. First, clean the room, then disinfect.
  5. Don’t touch your face during cleaning.
  6. Use the correct disinfectants, and clean all objects that will be touched.
  7. Wash all fabrics.
  8. Wash linens most warm washing program.
  9. Disinfect the laundry bag.
  10. Use garbage bags in bins.
  11. Throw away your cleaning supplies or wash them.

Clean before you use the space

Just so you do not have “accidents”, I would say, clean before you use the space.

If we all clean extra now, we will find less dirty towels over time, every cleanse we do ourselves in holiday spaces.

Holiday rooms are known for still being dirty, so, we change them around to clean places, this helps you and the next person coming in.

If someone before you had Covid19 it is best to wait 24 hours with cleaning.

So, you might consider using the first 24 hours only a part of the building/ room, and clean that part before use.

Split the cleaning into parts, and be sure the next day all is cleaned. Especially all things you will use and touch, first.

We need to solve, where we put kids in these “clean the holiday space for covid19” plans.

We need to clean their places first, and all we, and them, will use. The kid's space and all basics first.

Some notes.

Between all health care workers that will use the room, there are 72 hours of no use of the room, in between usage. It should be cleansed then, at that time, and after the first 24 hours. Covid19 will last longer on surfaces, so if it is not cleaned well, you still have it in the room.

Covid19 is airborne too, so how will this affect us, when one before us had covid19? It is still in the room. How will we clean the air? If it is because healthcare workers used the space, there are 72 hours between them and you. If it was someone else, not knowing to have it, it might be still in the air.

Covid19 spreads 30–50ft.

Some say, do not use the vans.

The new norm, cleaning up before we use the holiday room.

  • Making it a new norm will change responses. It is not weird to wear masks, or to clean, because of covid19, doing not so, shows poor hygiene and is related to illness and crimes. So, know who says something. Especially when it comes from “higher power”, which are jobs attracted by the dark triad.
  • Also, changing the norm to” you know you best”, “you know what to do”, and do leave all information available on how to clean, and how to wear masks, etc. But not take maturity away, not making people small. We need to make people big. Do leave all info and explanation, lessons, wisdom. Not make them slaves, smaller, downgraded.

People will learn how to do this

We have a development when we learn, we do need the best environments and this includes the best treatment. The best way we treat others. Allowing people to think, themselves, and process information themselves, and helping them with all information.

The same we let all professions:

  • study
  • have all information
  • process information
  • and then let them have the outcome, after processing the input… after processing the information we know what students will do

You can expect a certain outcome when people learn.

If this does not happen, there is something blocking the outcome, we can change that too, to get the outcome we should get.

And this does not mean brainwash, usage of people, forcing, using, etc. It means thesis, research thesis, hypothesis, development. Standard, cumulative, and to bigger complex.

You can know:

  • the beginning and end of a study,
  • and know all people are unique, making the information their own, but will also be unique,
  • and the information will build on what they already know and will become new things.

You know what to expect. This will happen.

  • So you enter your good input, (which is good input after you had good input and good processing, that became good output, now their good input).
  • The people process your information, in the sum of their lives, and from the level, they are at.
  • And will create, a standard, something unique of the same, or something new
  • You can check the science they do. Did they understand the best science? You can address their minds to the best science.

People need time to change, let them change with little steps to get used to the change first, then let do the big change.

Facemasks are needed. Facemasks protect (PLoS One, 2008)

There is today, also evidence the self-made masks, made with the right patterns are almost or as effective as a surgical mask 96% the pattern the Dutch gov has online for all people to use to make their own masks hold 96% of 3-micron particles, de pattern from Gov Belgium includes vacuum cleaner filter and holds 100% the same particles (Waanders, 2020). Using the right pattern and using extra filters matters.

This next proof was the first proof I found on March the 30th, through world top epidemiologist, Dr. Feigl-Ding.

I think you should follow MD and epidemiologists, and other experts on their social media to have the latest information, and best information.

Use while cleaning your facemasks!

We should have cuddle curtains.

So, we can cuddle (Ellyhatt, 2020). Plastic curtains with arms, we can put our arms in those plastic arms and then cuddle, with the plastic in between us.

I think we should also, use different fabrics for curtains, easy to clean, not easy to keep covid19 on, and perhaps the same fabric as the filter as face masks. So, when we close the curtains we have a filter in front of the window. Maybe also a system to open the window and use this filter in front of it, that will keep the covid19 away.

We do need to ventilate the room. I wonder if those fabrics block ventilation.


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