Covid19 is found in fluid in the body, and in the organs.

It is very saddening to realize how half on ICU dies, within a delirium with the most horrific ideas that happen to them. We need contact between families, loved ones, and the patients, as this helps to stop delirium.

Covid19 damages parts in the body, and causes delirium when in ICU. After Covid19 it is not over, patients deal with a lot afterward.

Why men die more often is because of endothelial dysfunction (dr Hansen, 2020).

All the underlying illnesses also have this endothelial dysfunction in common.

We need psychologists for these people coming from ICU.

Letting the general public learn about endothelial dysfunctions and delirium might help them prepare for Covid19.

As your life will change afterward. Also, this knowledge makes the gov’s aware this is no game, and clearly, no one should get covid19.

Covid19 autopsy

And how do these medicine help?

We might test out more medicine that helps stop blot clots and dysfunction of the endothelial.

ICU delirium





To have your personal stories, journalists attempt to write good quality information, to express the pain, the sorrow, and collect important information during the pandemic, also to have a place for your science, and ideas. We grow from ideas and sharing.

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