Covid19, Yara virus, ancient viruses, men spread diseases. And we get them more and more. What boom destroyed on earth, humanity, with free sex.

Sperm is alive. Alive DNA. Children are not to be put just together, so they only know peers and do crimes with them, then, your next-generation ends up in only a worse society. We adults understand that, but the more mature ones understand even more and why that is more precisely.

Male DNA can change you and can create for example underlying illnesses.

But the old boom, what have they done?

Also, we should punish rapers more with more knowledge on what they really caused, that their DNA is now in those people.




To have your personal stories, journalists attempt to write good quality information, to express the pain, the sorrow, and collect important information during the pandemic, also to have a place for your science, and ideas. We grow from ideas and sharing.

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