Damages after pandemic and epidemics in the Gut and brain. Crime is a medical condition, by the gut microbiome, viruses and related to low IQ and psychosis. #Coronavirus, #COVID19. #virus

The way we leave everyone during the virus, will determine a future for earth and the crimes that will be commited in the future.

Todays crimes are related to past viruses. The worse seasons of viruses and the lack of attention for hygiene and solving viruses lead to worse IQ, and psychosis, and thus crime and thus is crime a psychosis.

  • The IQ, and psychosis, leads to low literacy, and thus crimes.


The lower IQ, and then more psychosis. And then worse hygiene from the lower IQ, and even more in psyhosis, to worse gut microbiome and more brain damages, and thus lower IQ, and more psychosis, triggered by next viruses, and the more crimes. By the lower IQ, and the more psychosis. And the crimes can be seen as result of the psychosis. It is in any way related to low literacy, but that is a medical condition coming from virus infections. And the virus infections triggers psychosis.

  • Crime is a medical condition, coming from viruses, and damages to the gut microbiome and the brain functioning, particular low IQ, and psychosis.

A criminal has psychosis. And is not the fault of the crimes, they have a medical condition.

  • The viruses in the past, and current viruses are the problem.


  • The crime scene causes a cycle of gut microbiome problems and low IQ and psychosis, their crimes a psychosis.


The crime scene we can solve by finding the Gut microbiomes, and all problems related to all types of crimes. We can end the cycle of crime by controlling the gut microbiomes.

  • Finding the gut microbiome problems in criminals. And the relationship between gut microbiomes and crime types.

Raises of crimes after viruses, after damages in gut microbiome, and brain.

  • The brain can cause worse hygiene, thus a gut problem, and then further brain damages, and a cycle of problems.

The cycle of low literacy, because of brain problems, and psychosis, and crimes.

Most important breaking the gut microbiome brain damages cycle, caused by fever and viruses and past damages, and low hygiene. All is related to each other.

  • Teaching hygiene, and stopping the cycle of gut microbiome problems, brain damages, and the viruses causing lower IQ, worse hygiene, more gut damages and more brain damages, and thus more psychosis triggered and more crimes.

This might be like parasites causing schizophrenia. Bacteria causing crimes.




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