Fight Covid19 with a facemask! Join a new challenge: Facemask songs!

MD. Dr. Maya Adam is asking us all to make facemasks songs and use her hashtag to share those songs. #wearadamnmask #wearadamnmaskchallenge #mask #covid19. She wants young people to wear masks and to get aware and wants to achieve that with music.

I was an IWBF contestant and now BSc health science student, to be MD one day. And am always still a singer-songwriter, cause I always was…

And this is the last thing I did after. (I made my own songs since Berklee, college of music, studies, during my songwriting lessons from Berklee.)

This is Biggest Talent 2020, used to be I Wanna Be Famous, IWBF.

I was a contestant and finalist in the years 2013–2015. (My kids to in 2014–2015, both finalists too, in the IWBF kids section. We were Dutch 1,2,3, us three, all the time. I ended up #9th of all female singers, both seasons.)

2021 will start soon I think. I think they start in September. The finalist will be next June or July I think. It usually was that way.

Study on Covid19, facemasks, health courses, and songwriting and music courses.



To have your personal stories, journalists attempt to write good quality information, to express the pain, the sorrow, and collect important information during the pandemic, also to have a place for your science, and ideas. We grow from ideas and sharing.

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