Quarantine a party for introverts? Online life, not an extraverted life?

Sharing all your information is not extraverted?

Is online for introverts? No, it's making an introvert extravert. Meeting more people, and makes everyone smarter. Is quarantine party for an introvert? It’s a party for everyone, and not forget the new norm for many years, the internet is very old.

It’s for Dutch with too many old, compared to the world, “a new thing”, that's too funny, it is very old, and we see their abuse on kids, by pretending its new. Just cause they never understood it.

They were raised indoctrinated, and it wasn't indoctrinated. Else they were all only online, earning, and leading online.

The lack of being a world ruler online, and the lack of ability to abuse physically, lack of ability to own people online, make them not use it. They seek extraverted, made criminal, people nearby. Obsessive to use. As income and with groups.

But they dare to bring it as if it's new. Today made. The maker is very old by now. And Dutch show how they got poor, lacking and worse, they never learned to use the internet, and abuse younger people extremely, all the time, everywhere.

They don’t see how the international crime scene understands that even they are better at the internet and schooling. And now live among the Dutch and use all around them, as that is what the Dutch made, an easy to use all people. Human traffickers love this country and use the routes, internet, and people.

#introvert, not many contacts they think. No, not per se. It means inside I think. Inside I process. I am not criminal, using others to think. Parasite, using others, co-dependent, but mature. Developed. Best success is letting all be introvert, and do intrinsic learning, and use the brain, feelings, senses to gain information and process. Introverts are online more extraverts and learn, think, and create and share more. Remaining thinkers, feelers, processing, what is sensed, “sensed”, and will perceive and judge. The Internet is where the introvert and extravert are together. All finding their own communities, and groups, and places to share.

#extravert will be thinking more, learning more and thus less criminal. The crime rate drops with higher education. One without a deeper level will have it hard. Normal people, with deeper thinking and feeling and processing, will be introverted extraverts, and lots more. More sharing of the ideas, and all processed.

#intuitive You can be intuitive everywhere. “sense “ the people… life… work…

#senses You will hear and see more. Taste, feel, smell-> DIY, self-directed, try to make it too, more active, and more deep processing and doing this too. And more people to share this with.

#feeling More friends online. You can search for more empathy online, find more groups that feel the same, and you can do things with, more fine feelings.

#thinking More people, thus more thinking about people and share thoughts with people.

#judging More people, thus more judging of them and what they do, and what you do. There is more input, more groups, more people, more communities, more to do online, and always something to do. -> more to judge.

#perceiving There is more input to perceive. You miss out when you don’t process well, don’t use self-help guides, self- directed learning well. And not use all input, and not process all.

People can develop better online. And the more developed, the fewer criminals. Thus less “extraverts”. But party is to develop as a human, all that develop have a deeper, meaningful life. And online they express that a lot more. Seems like they become more extravert.

That is the point, it becomes more one, and developed. A developed world, with developed people, expressing.

Introverted become extraverted is not all it is. It is not the right way to say it. It is deeper than that.



To have your personal stories, journalists attempt to write good quality information, to express the pain, the sorrow, and collect important information during the pandemic, also to have a place for your science, and ideas. We grow from ideas and sharing.

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