SARS2 is worse than SARS1 and MERS — Autopsies on covid19 patients show Lungs, heart, brain, and all organs are infected, also obesity is a risk for more severe covid19.

Covid19 is a viral invasion by the ACE2 receptor, there is indirect damage by the cytokine storm covid19 causes, and indirect damage by blood clots, and indirect damage by oxygen deprivation (Hansen, 2020).

Covid19 causes (according to autopsies on covid19 patients)(Hansen, 2020):

Lungs and heart.

  • Capillaries and Alveoli are damaged.
  • Myocarditis and covid19 make it viral myocarditis. (Inflammation).
  • Blood clots in the lungs.



  • Also, strokes (with blood clots in the brain) and seizures
  • Excessive sleepiness and coma
  • Neurological issues, confusion, disorientation
  • Loss of taste and smell

Most people die from blood clots in the lungs.

  • Grey matter, thalamus, and Basal Ganglia had snippets of the virus in some areas and in some autopsies. Some had inflammation too.

There was a lot of brain damage from not getting enough oxygen.

If they would have survived would they have kept brain damage?

Lots of patients that did survive had:

  • Memory loss
  • Small blood clots, mini-strokes

In all organs.

  • Microthrombi.

Coronavirus autopsies show Obesity is the risk factor for more severe Covid19.

Worse outcomes with Covid19 is:

  • Obesity. Obesity can also lead to a lot of other problems.


  • Vitamine D inefficiency, which is known to be related to lung problems.
  • Genetics also matters
  • And the amount of virus infecting the body

Type 2 alveoli cells

We mainly have type 1 alveoli, but we have also Alveoli type 2 in our lungs, we have less Alveoli type 2 than 1 in our lungs. SARS2 binds with alveoli type 2. Alveoli type 2 has the Ace 2 receptors on them, and covid19 binds with these receptors. Sars2 is also, worse than Sars 1 and MERS, it gives more damage to the body.

Also, “alveolar type II cells secrete a lipoprotein material called surfactant, whose primary function is to reduce the surface tension in the alveoli”. (Feher, 2017)

Alveoli. (Responsible for gas exchange)

  • Oxygen is a non-metal gas.
  • Carbon dioxide is a colorless gas.

These gasses will be exchanged during breathing and both will go through the alveoli.

  • Alveoli are tiny air sacs.

Air is brought into the lungs, to the alveoli and the oxygen from the alveoli is brought to vessels, capillaries, from here oxygen goes into the blood. At the same time, carbon dioxide travels from the capillaries into Alveoli so we can breathe that out.

“In the human body, carbon dioxide is formed from the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids, in a process known as cellular respiration. While cellular respiration is notable for being a source of ATP, it also generates the waste product, CO2. The body gets rid of excess CO2 by breathing it out.”(Patel, et al, 2020)


There is a viral invasion by the ACE2 receptor, there is indirect damage by the cytokine storm covid19 causes, and indirect damage by blood clots, and indirect damage by oxygen deprivation.

Endothelial damage by the virus. Endothelial damage triggers the blood clots. Endothelial cells are also more vulnerable to dying.


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