The new dutch data on COVID19, we perhaps had COVID19 since week 15 of 2019.

Or other types, or another deadly virus. But we see also a link to the hotter time of year and fewer deaths. And before summer and after more deaths, and in the same trend as beyond week 1–11 2020.

So, it seems with covid19 we hardly notice at dutch CBS more deaths, like week 1–11, but when testing about 2000–4000 are killed by it. Some days show even in comparison with past years fewer deaths, so that number of deaths we can not just find in CBS, deaths record comparison.

But then it goes up and we see more deaths in week 12–16. And those are COVID19 and more deaths than a influenza season with more deaths can give. It doubles the deaths and perhaps soon more times as if we have 2 years in one with deaths.

So, the trend is invisible and with COVID19 and then a number of deaths more than normal. And RIVM hardly tests those same numbers and is not having the data of all infected and killed. As 3% is also immune, blood bank data showed. And means for dutch population 500.000 infected.

So, we could have had it the entire year. Then because of summer, it went down, and because of autumn and winter it went up, and next spring it got double the deaths per year. 3% immune then, means we hardly get immune. So, are there more types of COVID19. Yes, week 37- ? is COVID19 A the first one. And from another moment we have type B, and C. So, at this point when it doubles it could mean more types, I think.

Also, we should discuss, in a normal season when there is coronavirus more likely, do other viruses get less bad? Why. Is it that when we have corona, other viruses we have less and thus normally we would not see why one died? Only COVID19 will show over time, as it gets worse and worse with the number of deaths because it's deadlier?

Shows or COVID19 entire 2019 from week 15, and with ups and downs around summer. Or more types of COVID19, and thus people get infected again. Or more viruses we did not know of. And now more viruses we fight? Without knowing? And COVID19 getting worse. With the big note. COVID19 has 2000 deaths over some weeks, we don't see, plus some weeks 2000 more we do see. (in a population of 17 million people in the Netherlands)So, actually 4000 die over that time. And from this year 10.000 per month die, visibly in charts of CBS. And thus plus 2000, we don't see per about 15–13 weeks. Week 1–11 2020. Perhaps the week 15–30 in 2019, and week 39–52. And those last weeks 39–52 2019 is known as COVID19 first cases in Wuhan and with type A. Got ill in week 37 and died in 39 is early. But over time of week 39–52 logic, as it has such difference in data, incubation can be 0–27, deaths average 28+ days from illness to deaths, but can be sooner.

And week 15–30 could be the development to type A or type A, or another virus as bad. Perhaps a cause in COVID19.



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