You can find in your DNA if you get Covid19- See here how… And see my entire DNA report, which will be what happens to me when I get Covid19.

Know your DNA. Try To get your DNA, through MyHeritage or other companies, learn to use promethease and Gedmatch my trueancestry and the many other upload sites, with more information.

Learn to find information in your DNA, and then find all the research.

Collect the science, and learn to interpret it, correctly. The more you collect on a topic, the better your research thesis will be. Take lessons, courses on DNA, and the specific things you are looking for, to learn more about. And grow in knowledge and understanding.

Learn a lot with DNA:

  • Ancestry, and going back thousands and hundred thousands of years.
  • Health, research related to specific genes.
  • Are you an XY, or do you have Y DNA as a female? It is important with covid19 to know if you count as a boy, genetically. You are more at risk.

And try Sequencing for the Covid19 information.

My results at

If I get covid19…

I have the normal risk of getting covid19, but a higher risk of getting severely ill, when I get it. And am Asymptomatic, when I get it.

Getting Covid19 comes from haplogroups (only showed), I, J haplogroups, and being a Han Chinese, and Neandertals, and Denisovan.

  • Being Han makes it more severe, and asymptomatic,
  • and being Neandertalis and Denisovan makes it average a chance I will get Covid19.

Caused by Chromosomes: 2, 6, 7, 11, 19, and 3, 10, 12, 19, 21, and by X, I do not respond well to Tamiflu.

And the underlying conditions are:

  • vitamin D lack,
  • Diabetes,
  • and different inflammations, which will make it asymptomatic and severe. Sort of a surprising lot of details, suddenly, as inflammations.

Perhaps it is difficult to find out what types of inflammations and what to do. And this is an underlying condition.

The entire normal Covid19 will go asymptomatic as well.

It explains I would be sick without knowing, without symptoms, and the severity of all the underlying issues, suddenly overwhelming inflammations, coming from many underlying issues.

Also, the immunity is gone after 4 weeks, so I can get Covid19 constantly. Checking on immunity is not giving the truth in my case, and lots of others, as many are A-symptomatic with Covid19.

Lung checks are only true proofs. I will not notice illness. Good, I am average in probably getting ill. Following the guidelines, I could have no issues.

I must note I was ill almost constant from September 2019- the beginning of the year, around the Carnaval(February 2020) was last time. Then, outbreak came. COVID is around since September 2019 we now know and could be around longer

  • If it was SARS from 2003 and SARS had more types, and none noticed it as SARS. Dutch hardly test in flu seasons and think all is flu. I had the same strange symptoms of Covid19, years before, in the tough seasons 2014, 2015, I had bronchitis constantly and was constantly ill. But many Dutch and many in the world had that. Also, other flu seasons were tough, with doubles flues and many thinking oh its flues. Also, 2018 for lots. So, since 2014 there were extreme seasons. This was the first less hard season, actually. So, it could be it is why we noticed SARS. Another reason why this could be, pneumonia was rising past years, this could mean more coronaviruses, thus also could be SARS. It might have a less severe type between SARS 1 and today's SARS, that we did not yet notice it as SARS. Who thought of testing on it past seasons? It is just skipped.
  • If this is only one time SARS outbreak since SARS 1 and covid19 was starting before September, Dutch show in CBS death rates a pattern that shows it could be around since beginning 2019. It has the same pattern.
  • Lots are Asymptomatic thus even more it could have been around.

I am Icelandic, American, an English mainly, 40%. And 36% Western European, and 20% Scandinavian, and 1% Arabic. (Until 5th cousin all before is southern, and tribes, and from around the world)

(DNA changed a bit I was 38% Western European, thus Dutch, French, German, but that changes a bit over time.)

Getting Covid19 caused by chromosomes

Severity, for me, caused by chromosomes 2, 6, 7, 11, 19 mainly, and my haplogroup.

By haplogroup, it causes being A-symptomatic, and that makes it severe.


Han Chinese pedigree, mitochondrial DNA, means mom's side.

(Another detail in this study, I can feel sad and happy at the same time, ya all cant? I would not feel complete a being, I just do not skip one, I understand the whole. Its how I stay healthy and happy, always aware of sadness too, and makes me an empath. I know why people hire me when they do, I am always easily hired, and they all say the cause of this empathy. And honestly, when I am hired by Asians, they see me as a sister, a funny detail is that. But the entire world has that. That is like these emotions mixes, I am aware of them all as family. Now I know this is not common Homo Sapiens. Oh, I think, they actually shift between emotions and then lose touch with another emotion? Uhm…Interesting to study. I love the Chinese deep and lots of studies on human emotions. )

The research found on how I will respond, because of these haplogroups

Conclusion on the Haplogroup research, causing more severe covid19, when I get that.

Being South Asian could be why I am more affected, anyway from China. I know have that DNA too. (Gedmatch and mytrueancestry shows that, and myheritage shows family there. My last name is also in those countries, not common, but it is there. It is not from there, but also people with this last name live there, according to my ancestry a few years ago, its Afghanistan. But my last name is not all my DNA, so I understand the move my family had from Africa to Asia, and Americas, and to Europe, and in the big moves, and vice versa. I am mainly English now, but I know before a few cousins back as English, there are all the tribes, and continents and etc. My Haplogroup is also English/Spanish/ Asian, Eurasian, it is the most common in Europe, I expect since I know that, that the version of responses in the English, the Spanish, the Eurasians. And that we as European, Eurasian Family will respond the same. So, English could be like Spanish COVID outbreaks, and all could depend on DNA.)

And I don't respond well to Tamiflu.

By haplogroup, and chromosomes 2 and 7.

The normal risk for me, to get covid19

Chromosomes 3, 10, 12, 19, 21, and by X and haplogroup.

Haplogroup J for caucasian, secretly diabetes and low vitamin D.

And being Denisovan and Neanderthal


Something weird about dogs too came up… Why that came up???? Before these human types, we mixed with dogs? I do not know why that site that I found when I typed in the SNP and asked for the haplogroup, shows these kinds of results but many about DNA of dogs came up when I found the science on neanderthals and Denisovans, it might be related. I'll look into later on.

Research on the haplogroup causing this.

I would say, look up your DNA, and your ways responding to covid19 according to your DNA results and the research found until today, and share it.

So, people understand when you die, what you had.

And when they get the moment to read and care to read, they can save your life when you get ill. You will not talk that easy when you get Covid19, severely. You better have it made clear.

Also, scientists love reading your articles about you, and your research, and all you found, that is a big source of information. Especially when done scientifically as you can, it really helps, saving you, and creating more insights on who has what, and why, and what to do.





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