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Stories of COVID-19 in America

COVID-19 Wall of Memories is the brainchild of retired project manager Mohammed Nasrullah.

When the United States reached 100,000 deaths from COVID, he began thinking of a way to memorialize them.

He pictured the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. That long, sleek wall of names is powerful in its simplicity, as is its online counterpart. He imagined a wall of photos that scrolled slowly across the computer screen, compelling the viewer to understand the vastness of the epidemic.

Some of the thousands of people on the wall of memories. Every 15 seconds a new set of photos appears.

And it began to take shape.

Mohammed shared his vision with his wife, Ruth, a freelance journalist whose immediate response was “It must have a news page.”

They recruited a third founding board member, Fazal Shamsi, and began working with a web designer. After months of intense energy devoted to its design and functionality, the site launched on January 4, 2021.

It’s not for profit. It’s for the benefit of others.

COVID-19 Wall of Memories was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the state of Texas. As design of the new site got underway, the team decided to apply for 501(c)(3) status, which was granted in early January 2021.

The Wall of Memories is not intended to provide income for the founders.

It is intended to share the story of COVID-19 in America, as stated in its mission:

COVID-19 Wall of Memories memorializes and amplifies the lives of COVID-19 victims while serving as a source of information about the disease, the epidemic, and its impact on the United States.

The Observer came to life.

The news page Ruth envisioned became the COVID-19 Observer. It covers COVID from as many imaginative angles as possible, looking for innovative stories about the personal, medical, and social impact of the pandemic. She recruited writers from varied backgrounds and interests. You can read their outstanding work right here. You can read more on the website as well, and experience the full impact of the Wall of Memories, starting with the thumbnail photos on the digital wall which connect you to a COVID victim’s story.

Enjoy our articles. Let them inspire and inform you.

We want to tell you the story of COVID-19 in America. Let’s begin.




The Observer uses human stories, medical news, trends and culture to tell the story of COVID in America. The Observer is the news page of the website

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COVID-19 Wall of Memories

COVID-19 Wall of Memories

COVID-19 Wall of Memories memorializes the lives of COVID-19 victims while serving as a source of information about its impact on the United States.

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