An Uncertain Future: Scenario Planning in a Pandemic

The Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative is collaborating with Bloomberg Philanthropies’ COVID-19 Local Response Initiative to support mayors as they manage the pandemic. A tenth virtual discussion session held on May 21, 2020, focused on scenario analysis during the pandemic.

In the tenth session of the COVID-19 Local Response Initiative, Rebecca Henderson, the John and Natty McArthur University Professor at the Harvard Business School, and Jorrit de Jong, Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative and Harvard Kennedy School, discussed effective crisis leadership and tools for imagining and working through the implications of various plausible futures.

↗️ Click to explore key takeaways from the session

↗️ Click to explore slides from the session

Public Health Update

Dr. Josh Sharfstein, Vice Dean for Public Health Practice and Community Engagement at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health provided critical public health updates.

↗️ Click to view slides on critical public health information

About the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative

The Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative is a collaboration among Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Business School, and Bloomberg Philanthropies. Its mission is to inspire and strengthen city leaders, as well as equip them with the tools to lead high-performing, innovative cities. Learn more on the Initiative’s website.




A resource center, curated by the Ash Center at Harvard Kennedy School, for public sector practitioners to highlight cases, teaching, policy solutions, and other examples of how governments are responding to the outbreak

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