COVID-19 News for State and Local Leaders, 08/13/20

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Welcome to our weekly roundup of articles and resources for state and local leaders creating policy to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic as well as steering the social and economic recovery for their communities. Postings below do not convey endorsement of any particular organization or opinion contained in links.

It’s Now A Felony In Illinois To Assault A Retail Worker Who Is Enforcing Face Mask Rules

Assaulting a retail working enforcing public safety laws can now carry a charge of aggravated battery.

The Unequal Future of Consumption

Lockdown has many staying — and buying — from home, but the burden of fulfilling this demand is creating new disparities.

A Need For Open Public Data Standards And Sharing In Light Of COVID-19

Dashboards tracking public health information became vitally important sources of information in the pandemic, and it’s time to create standards to make them more effective.

COVID-19: The Bigger Picture

Hosted by the Thomas Reuters Foundation and the Omidyar Network, this competition seeks to use photojournalism to highlight the human impact of COVID-19 and response to the pandemic.

Mayor de Blasio Announces Free Childcare for 100,000 Students in the Fall

New York City is planning to provide quality, safe, free childcare options for 100,000 children this fall.

Shadow Schools? Class is in Session — At The YMCA and Roller Rink

For working parents, it brings much-needed relief to the exhausting months since coronavirus began, but these novel schoolhouses still carry health risks.

Coronavirus Cases Are Surging. The Contact Tracing Workforce Is Not

NPR surveyed all 50 states about their contact tracing work and found that it’s barely grown since June, despite rising case numbers.

LA Car-share Service Links Up With ‘Street Medicine’ Team To Aid Homeless

A partnership providing low-emission vehicles to a mobile medicine team is bringing healthcare directly to the unhoused.

More Housing is the Answer to Less Transit

If employees return to physical workplaces after months of lockdown, they face a conundrum: take public transit, at a time when many fear crowds and COVID-19, or drive alone.




A resource center, curated by the Ash Center at Harvard Kennedy School, for public sector practitioners to highlight cases, teaching, policy solutions, and other examples of how governments are responding to the outbreak

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