COVID-19 News for State and Local Leaders, 08/28/20

A view of the Chicago city skyline.

Welcome to our weekly roundup of articles and resources for state and local leaders creating policy to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic as well as steering the social and economic recovery for their communities. Postings below do not convey endorsement of any particular organization or opinion contained in links.

Putting legacy cities on the road to recovery and prosperity is key to mitigating harmful regional imbalances in the U.S. economy, and their demographic legacies make them linchpins in the country’s efforts to achieve greater racial equity.

Covid-19 has exposed the lethal vulnerabilities of nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. Can better design make aging safer?

Tight budgets, legacy systems and bureaucracy have historically prevented governments from going digital, but COVID-19 has tipped the scale for operations to move online.

In Spain, a new observatory processes epidemiological, mobility and environmental data to manage COVID.

The moment is pivotal, and the county is under pressure to perform, health officials say.

A new survey looks at what the government can do to influence mask-wearing. Only one message had any positive effect.

The CARES Act aid comes as Iowa farmers are navigating the simultaneous effects of the coronavirus pandemic, derecho and drought.

A new study suggests that age, gender and even the region of the country being targeted with virus-tracking technology could have a lot to do with its success rate. Experts urge a tailored approach.

A drop in public transport ridership puts urban liveability at stake, researchers and advocates say.



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