COVID-19 News for State, Local, and Tribal Leaders, 10/30/20

Animals’ Bridge on Route 93 near Evaro, Montana, on the Flathead Indian Reservation. Sign in English and Salish language. (Vince Devlin)

Welcome to our weekly roundup of articles and resources for state, local, and tribal leaders creating policy to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic as well as steering the social and economic recovery for their communities. Postings below do not convey endorsement of any particular organization or opinion contained in links.

Tracking COVID-19’s Effects by Race and Ethnicity: Phase Two

Updates on People’s Health, Housing, and Livelihoods between August 19 and October 26.

Naval Hospitals Deploy Germ-Killing Robots Amid Pandemic

The tools are intended to provide an extra level of disinfection against COVID-19.

Pathways to the Post-Pandemic Workforce

The economic recession triggered by the global pandemic has magnified the need for high-quality programs that can help students acquire the skills, training, and postsecondary credentials they need to thrive in the workplace. Here are some programs that studies show improved academic outcomes and increased earnings.

Schools Teach by Text Message as Covid Widens Philippine Digital Divide

On March 10, when Philippine schools shut to slow the spread of Covid-19, April Garcia’s job was upended.

COVID-19 Fake News on Twitter

The latest survey conducted by the multi-university COVID-19 Consortium for Understanding the Public’s Policy Preferences Across States, led in part by Shorenstein Center faculty Matthew Baum sought to answer the question of who is spreading misinformation on COVID-19.

Tech-Savvy Women Could Beat COVID-19 Job Blues in the Arab World

In a region where only one in four women works, experts say those who retrain could tap surging demand for digital skills.

Staying in Play: Indian Country Finds Ways to Vote

The unseasonable October arctic outbreak made life tough for all kinds of Montanans this weekend, but maybe no one so much as election organizers on the state’s seven Indian reservations.

What Al Fresco Dining May Look Like When It’s Cold

In some neighborhoods, rows of heat lamps may become a defining feature of Covid winter sidewalks. But costly heaters aren’t the only or best option for many restaurants.



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