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Day 10–Thursday 2 April 2020

So I woke up today with a Facebook messenger message from someone I haven’t heard of for years. It included a video. Normally I won’t even look, because in the past couple of weeks, people have been sending blanket fake news messages to their whole network. Aaarghhh!

But, this one I opened and I’m so happy I did. I have included it below.

This makes complete sense to me and of course the advice we received in the early days was masks won’t really help. But obviously they do!

Below is an image for the outbreak stats for the Czech Republic.

My wife started sewing recently and bought herself a new sewing machine. I am hoping she will start making a few masks for me! Not that I go out and am around people, I only walk Pip the Dog and never really see any humans that I come close to. But I do go to the supermarket once per week and will definitely need a mask for that trip!

So this is the big learning for me today, masks do work, so why aren’t we being told to make our own? Well fortunately there are plenty of videos around of how to make your own mask. Good luck!

When I got back from walking ‘Pip the Dog’, my wife greeted me with the story of my stepson, her eldest. He had just been on the phone and was having a massive meltdown because British Gas (UK energy supplier) had taken £1,500 (UK pounds) from his bank account. He had recently changed supplier, so we’re not sure what had happened. So my wife had to urgently assist him and spoke to his bank, who confirmed that he would be covered by the Direct Debit guarantee and all he needed to do was call them and cancel the DD, which would immediately return the money to him, which indeed it did. Phew panic over! But we still need to get to the bottom, why he received such a huge bill, seeing as he just lives in a one bedroom apartment and his monthly bill should be no more than perhaps £80 or probably less.

So what are the energy companies doing, for sure they will get a lot of bad debt over the coming 6 months, when nobody has the money to pay for energy, is this a way of making sure they are covered? Who knows!

Be careful out there!

Michael de Groot

Ps. The U.K. government data sets:



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