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Covid Journal

Day 45 — Thursday 7 May 2020

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Short walk with Pip, that’s it.

All morning was spent doing things for Taiko West as usual. The amount of work is still quite large. Emailing folks with their passwords and sending surveys out.

Then an hour’s long call with James, 45 minutes for lunch and back at the screen at 1.45pm for a Taiko drumming class starting at 2pm. About 4/5 people there, saying 4/5 as one person’s technology failed.

A further discussion with James about process and procedures for next week, when paid classes start and doing loads of research on using DSLR cameras and GoPros as alternative webcams. There’s so much conflicting information out there, wow!

The whole online teaching of Taiko drumming is going quite well.

Feeling quite exhausted after this week, so looking forward to a day off tomorrow, a UK bank holiday for the 75 year celebration of VE day.

Michael out…

Michael de Groot

ps. UK Gov stats:



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