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Covid Journal

Day 5–Saturday 28 March 2020

So, remember Luke’s bicycle that had to be repaired, well today is the day that I will be dropping the bike off with him. Luke lives in Kidderminster and I live in Stourport on Severn, about a 5 mile journey. My wife told me that police have started to stop car drivers, asking them where they are going!

So I was definitely a bit apprehensive in taking Luke’s bike back to him. I called him as I was on my way to his flat and told him that I would park up, get the bike out of my car, put the front tyre on and park it up near his building, together with some toilet rolls that I was bringing for him.

Was my trip essential? I thought it was, Luke is stuck in a one-room apartment for 3 weeks and probably longer, his bike is potentially his only way of getting some exercise and fresh air, which is essential for his mental health and well-being. So I do believe it was essential.

Whilst I was driving to his flat I noticed a grocery store that had just a few people in the queue. So I decided that on my way back I would check whether the queue was still the same and pick up a few essential items that we needed at home. The methods for entering the store was quite strict, I had to sanitise my hands before touching the shopping basket. It was only a small store but they had very strict rules for staying 2 metres apart from each other and even a one-way system in the store. There were actually only a few people in the store, but some of them were having real issues staying within the distance rules, despite the markers on the floor being very clear.

I do find it incredible that folks have such trouble sticking to some very basic rules. I know it is hard to have your freedom taken away from you but it is also so wrong that some just do not care who lives and dies from this virus.

Politicians and medical professionals keep repeating the same mantra. Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives but still some just do not understand.

Apart from taking that trip, my wife was at her mother’s looking after her as she’s in 12 weeks isolation, due to her health complications and I spent about 4 hours watching Netflix, mainly the new season of Ozark. I have watched the previous 2 seasons, so couldn’t wait to get stuck into that.

Stay safe and well.

Michael de Groot



This is my personal journal about the Corona Virus (Covid 19)

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