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Day 55 — Sunday 17 May 2020

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A nice quiet day — it seems all calm out there and hardly anyone on the streets. Bliss!

Not much to report about me, except that I’ve decided to start cycling in addition to walking Pip as part of my half-lockdown regime. Watch this space, at least it gives me something to write about!

Listening to the news today the views of Government, Teacher, Parents, Medical Science are all at odds with each other when it comes down to sending kids back to school starting on the 1st June. I’m curious as to what might happen in the end.

The number of cases are still too high, the death toll so far is huge in the UK and the government should be apologising for getting it so wrong, but instead they are beating the drum of ‘we followed the medical science and we’re still following the medical science’. It’s very clever having people at lecterns telling the country that they are the best in the world, but to me the best in the world is still New Zealand!

It’s cleve keeping a 7-day rolling average, but the average daily cases is still around 3–4,000 cases every single day. That’s huge and potentially very dangerous. See figures below.

The daily news briefing was delayed by 30 minutes courtesy of a Zoom outage that happened on Sunday, see tweet below.

Tweet about Zoom outage Sunday 17 May

A connection of mine tweeted this video of some squirrels nesting in the bonnet of a car.

Saw a post on LinkedIn about Mental Health awareness week, so thought I would tweet it, seeing as I couldn’t find the actual tweet.

Michael out…

Michael de Groot



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