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Day 72 — Wednesday 3 June 2020

Image by Wordswag — words by Michael de Groot

People are out protesting, totally right and a totally right thing to do. There is a risk of course there is, but then the U.K. government knew there was a risk with going ahead with the Cheltenham horse race event for the toffs and the millionaires.

This year’s event, from 10–13 March, was attended, organisers say, by 125,000 people often in packed stands, just as awareness of the seriousness of the coronavirus crisis was emerging.

The seriousness of the George Floyd incident in the USA, is like the me too movement that gathered momentum a few years back. This time it is for all of us to take this topic very seriously, even in the U.K. who is not blameless in this regard.

Having said that I do hope that nobody will catch the virus as a result of these mass gatherings, that would just be bad news indeed.

In the U.K. they believe the figure is about 1 in 1000 who are walking around infected.

Not much else caught my eye today. I am getting quite anxious about making sure I have something to write about every day, so this week will be the last daily journal entry and instead I’m moving to a weekly report. It will be easier on my mental health and I can collect stories, my opinions throughout the week in a better way I believe.

U.K. Gov stats:

Michael out…

Michael de Groot

This is my personal journal about the Corona Virus (Covid 19)

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