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Covid Journal

Day 9–Wednesday 1 April 2020

I’m still taking Pip the Dog on the same walk every morning at 7am. I’ve noticed that she’s becoming quite familiar with the route as normally she would be running most of it, even whilst being on a flex-lead. But after 9 days she’s walking most of it. So I’m resorting to calling out Go! Go Pip!

In fairness she does react to that and does a hop and skip and a litte run.

So, last week I signed up to a series of webinars via Zoom promising to help our mental health during this period. It was promoted via someone I trust implicitly, I have witnessed his work for at least 15 years and he’s awesome.

I signed up immediately, didn’t read it properly and they did ask for a donation or whatever we could afford. So I did pay $10, just $10 not a lot of money, I did feel bad but I suspect my business is going to suffer during this period, like so many others, it’s inevitable.

I joined the first one on Monday 30 March 2020, full of expectation, but the person I was hoping for wasn’t there, instead someone I didn’t really know. Yes, I was disappointed for sure but stuck with it. A guest appeared who was going to take us through a Yoga Nidra exercise. I am very familiar with it and definitely not what I expected but I stuck with it.

Day 2, I joined also but it was late evening and I was feeling tired already, this time it was covering healing crystals. I’m not a non-believer but felt more uncertain as the webinar went on, so felt quite low and disappointed. I asked for my money back. I know it was only $10, I felt bad, I should have just let it go. Oh well, I did it and just will have to let it go. The person I was expecting is due to be on at the end of the week Friday 3rd April but I won’t be joining of course seeing as I asked for my money back.

So what is this telling me? There are so many do-gooders at the moment, including coaches, spiritual people and many other genres giving stuff away to try and help. The trouble is just as much overwhelming as the news media, the fake news and round robin hug messages via Facebook messenger.

It’s too much and has to stop. It has to stop with me, people are free to tout whatever they wish, I should just stop reacting to it. So this is my new habit along with the other one I adopted the other day.

Habit 1: Stop judging people who are not adhering to the social distancing rules.

Habit 2: Stop reacting to all the so-called useful content and let them go.

Michael de Groot

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