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Week 12: 14 — 20 June 2020

Image by Wordswag - words by Michael de Groot

Sunday 14 June

Sarah Cooper is at it again. #WTF is #DonaldTrump even talking about. Thank you @sarahcpr for making us realise the #bs that comes out of his mouth. What were the American people thinking when they voted that clown into office in 2016. Unfortunately he will be called Mr President for the rest of his life!!

I definitely would want to watch Spike Lee’s new movie, see trailer below. How come Netflix is always to find a film or documentary that is exactly right at the time we’re battling with that issue?

Not sure if this is fake, but my ‘confirmation bias’ definitely wants to believe it.

David Rothkopf’s tweet below, hit a nerve, especially after watchin Jeffrey’s Epstein’s documentary on Netflix. David is spot on. It’s the sad world we live in.

Quite an interesting montage, in view of #blacklivesmatter.

Coronavirus survivor receives $1.1 Million hospital bill.

The U.K. at its best again. Oh my.

The reason they’ve covered up Churchill?

Tony Robbins chats with a robot!!

Monday 15 June

I didn’t know ObamaDay was a thing, but surely jolly glad it is. That man is a hero in my heart.

And check out his class of 2020 address. He might as well have been speaking to the world, oh he was!

I saw this scary tweet from someone so called ‘recovering’ from COVID-19. Scary very scary indeed.

Tuesday 16 June

Biggest news story is the school vouchers scheme for kids in the U.K. to continue with Marcus Rashford.

Great news!

The other big news of the day is the drug that the U.K. have approved for treatment of COVID-19.

Dexamethasone, an anti-inflammatory drug, has been immediately approved to treat all UK hospitalised COVID-19 patients requiring oxygen, including those on ventilators, from today.

Even better news Centivax the company started up by Jacob Glanville who was featured in the Netflix documentary Pandemic have developed antibodies to fight COVID-19. Amazing news.

Wednesday 17 June

Trump is at it again, see tweet and video below.

World Health Organisation suggests green shoots of hope, really? So I e heard Beijing has a major outbreak, New Zealand let 2 U.K. females in who are infected, spikes happening across many USA states, UK daily cases still alarmingly high.

This is a great story about basketball.

Thursday 18 June

I love this video of the smallest drummer I have ever seen!

The tweet below sums up the U.K. government’s performance during COVID-19. It has been pretty disastrous. What did they get right? They asked the army to build extra hospitals just in case. In the end it wasn’t needed and a waste of money.

I bet this is old but it’s still really great.

Friday 19 June

Woke up with this update by Centivax — Sarah Ives on LinkedIn. My money has always been on them right from when I watched Pandemic on Netflix. I don’t like drugs of any kind but somehow what this group have created is quite interesting to me. They appear to have the right attitude and are not big Pharma either. Although I suspect they will need big Pharma in order to produce the drug.

Saturday 20 June

Oh my, nearly the summer solstice. Wonder what will happen when we pass 21 June.

This Trump announcement is brilliant. He’s doing his non-socially distanced rally today, so this is very appropriate. It’s a sad state of affairs if it wasn’t so funny too.

Michael out…

Michael de Groot



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