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Week 13: 21–27 June 2020

Sunday 21 June

Sarah Cooper appropriately did another how to video for Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day everyone!

Strange things appear to be happening in the U.K. I trust Carole to uncover the truth. Some of our reporters are superb.

Even monkeys don’t like the stringy bits on bananas, but this particular one is ever so picky!

Katie Hopkins is a dreadful human being, with a very loud mouth and opinion to go with it. I do believe in freedom of speech, but he racist tones have been going on for years. Finally Twitter have banned her from the platform. Of course it means she can carry on via other platforms until they decide to remover her there as well.

The best fake award presented to her in this video below. Absolutely genius.

I feel for teachers at the moment, they are being forced to do things that are impossible to achieve. But it shows too, that we need to completely overhaul the education industry around the world. Imagine being able to teach one class and millions of kids can watch it too?

Professor Peter Piot, works at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine appeared on the Andrew Marr show today. He contracted COVID19 himself and he shared how the ongoing side effects, even when you recover, are likely to be quite serious for many months to come. Even more reason why we should all take this virus very seriously. I tweeted one of his statements below.

Many governments and the USA and U.K. in particular are pushing for folks to go back to ‘normal’ as quickly as possible to restart the economy. They don’t realise that actually most of us have been overspending all our lives and during this period have realised that actually we can manage with what we already have. The rush back to stores is not realistic and won’t be sustainable. The food stores, yes, they will be the winners, the rest not so much. Retail will change forever, more of us have experienced very successful online shopping, why would we want to spend time in shops, it online will make use spend more than we need to and spend money we don’t have. With the potential risks of mass redundancies, it doesn’t and won’t make any sense at all. It’s time to start the Universal Basic Income process as as possible, across the world.

The estate and family of Tom Petty issued a cease and desist statement to Donald Trump, as he used one of his songs at the Tulsa rally on Saturday 20 June 2020. Brilliant!

The deaths of 3 people and many others injured in Reading yesterday after a man went on the rampage stabbing people. What a dreadful event, yet again on the streets in the U.K. Did the murderer take advantage of the fact that people are coming out on the streets in droves again?

Monday 22 June

Well, Donald Trump says 1 million people applied for tickets to his Covid19 spreading rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but only 6,200 people turned up at the 19,000 capacity stadium.

A nurses story…

Tuesday 23 June

Sarah Cooper did a new lipsync on Trump. This time he’s boasting about the fact that 1 million people applied for tickets and that at least 900,000 wouldn’t be able to make it. We already know only 6,200 showed up!

This tweet from The Minimalists is so true. Especially at this time.

When the people are locked ‘down’, the foxes come out to play!

Today, a big announcement. The 4th July, US Independence Day will go down in history as the UK big unlock day. Many places can reopen and we can mix households together.

Wednesday 24 June

Twitter is adding voice to tweets. Personally I will definitely make use of that, but it’s not available for me as yet.

Interesting challenge, even more interesting response Mr Speaker.

So when I did my 2nd bike ride of the week, I stood at some traffic lights and looked down on the road, when I spotted a massive knife! No, not an ordinary kitchen knife, a knife that looked like someone could do some major damage. Obviously someone threw it out of their car window in a hurry. So what would you do? Leave it for someone else to deal with? Pick it up and take it home and throw it in the bin, with the risk of the police stopping me en-route and asking me why I am carrying that knife? Take it home and then phone the police to ask them what I should do with it?

And that’s exactly what I did. They asked me to drive it to the nearest police station and hand it in there where they take a full incident report. Except they didn’t. They just asked me to show the knife, to make sure there was no evidence of blood and there wasn’t and told me to drop it into a special bin, which was parked just by reception. Yeah sure they thanked me, but no report, no details, no finger prints, just in case.

Not sure what to think, but at least there’s one less knife in the community and maybe, just maybe I saved a life, you just never know.

Life during lockdown summed up in a tweet!

My wife read part of this article out to me and this writer, really has a fabulous way with words, really awesome. Thank you John Crace for your wonderful writing, really enjoyed it.

Thursday 25 June

So the U.K. people have decided that enough is enough and have ignored all social distancing suggestions and went to the beach in droves. Trouble is it was indeed the hottest day this year, days like this we can count on one hand during the year. I get it, but it’s also a great test. Will we have a major breakout or will nothing change? We’ll see.

What was even more disgusting was the mess they left behind.

Jim Carey’s latest artwork based on what he said during one of his rallies in the USA. “Slow the testing down”.

Saturday 27 June

So here are the headlines today.

Another term for Trump?

I don’t think so!!

Octopus dreaming, beautiful.

This comment is very true. What we’re the British people doing?!

A locust swarm descended on Gurgaon India. Wow, they are BIG!

My weeks are getting shorter. I missed out Friday!

Michael out…

Michael de Groot




This is my personal journal about the Corona Virus (Covid 19)

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