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Covid Journal

Week 15: 5 July —11 July 2020

Image by Wordswag - words by Michael de Groot

Sunday 5 July

Well we ventured out today. But don’t get too excited. We, Clair and I went to a farm shop and sat outside in the blowing wind amidst the orchard and had a Sunday brunch. We also met a couple of friends. They sat opposite us, very socially distanced. It was a nice thing to do after 14 weeks being locked down.

Monday 6 July

Sarah Cooper strikes again. This is probably the best one as yet!

It’s a competition now between Sarah Cooper and John Di Domenico, although I do believe they compliment each other really well.

Tuesday 7 July

Who in the world decides to stab paramedics, the very people on the front line, soldiers, who are saving our lives. I hope they lock them up and throw away the key.

I’ve come to the conclusion that 90% of the world’s population don’t know their own IT. The skill base is dreadful and it desperately needs fixing, especially in the U.K.

With Coronavirus everyone says we must follow the science but will they accept the latest findings by 239 scientists from 32 countries? This is more frightening then saying there’s a hurricane about to hit our shores. This hurricane is silent and there’s nowhere to hunker down. Aerosol particles are everywhere.

Wednesday 8 July

Australia closes state borders.

Sarah Cooper lip synced live on July 4th during Trump’s speech.

Nigel Farage walks into a pub…

PPE disaster in the UK meant the UK government took desperate measures, we will never know if they made the correct decisions and wasted millions of UK taxpayers money.

Friday 9 July

Coloured film 1902. WOW!

Sarah Cooper strikes again, with how to cognitive.

Saturday 11 July

So wondering how this short report is going to work out.

In late June, scientists announced they had discovered a new strain of the H1N1 flu strain spreading among pig farm workers in China, and cautioned it could turn into a pandemic unless controlled. This past week, the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan warned its nationals about an “unknown pneumonia” with a higher fatality rate than COVID-19 spreading there.

This is the way to deal with COVID.

The issue with COVID is that we don’t understand its force.

Finally I created my own showreel. Something I’ve been meaning to do for years.

It’s been another weird week.

Michael out…

Michael de Groot



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