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Week 17: 19 July — 25 July 2020

Image by Wordswag - words by Michael de Groot

Sunday 19 July

My ongoing, for 3 months now, issues with disappearing passwords on my iOS devices, iPhone and iPad, is getting stranger by the minute.

I was able to conclusively confirm that even though the passwords are visible, they seem to disappear the second I log in to my iMac. I suspected it the other day, after I had signed out and back into iCloud, which brings them back, but then after a while they disappear. I couldn’t prove that logging into my Mac made it happen, but I opened my iPad and saw the passwords sitting there and the very second I hit return, when logging into my Mac, the passwords just vanished in front of my eyes, poof!

The room next door with Michael Spicer. Talking in the ears of prominent politicians and they still get it wrong!

Monday 20 July

I’m not very often impressed with the adverts on TV, they are a useless interruption, but this one grabbed my attention. They use a type of metaphor called metonymy to get their message across. It’s a type of metaphor, which makes the viewer’s brain work harder in order to work out what the message is. Enjoy!

Well here we go, vaccines are in production, almost I suspect and then we will be invited to have the vaccine. Will you have it?

How to legally decline a vaccine

STEP 1. Do not ‘refuse’a vaccine otherwise you’ll be considered belligerent. Instead you can politely decline their services by doing the following.

STEP 2. Ask the doctor if the vaccine has MRC-5 in it (they all do, these are aborted foetal cells and other DNA). If it does, you have the right to decline.

STEP 3. Also ask if there is a possibility of a ‘latrogenic reaction’ (an adverse reaction caused by multiple compounds or drugs interacting with each other) from the vaccine (they all do). When the doctor says, ‘Yes it does’, that’s your Get Out Of Jail Free Card’. Thank the doctor for their offer and walk away.

Remember, doctors have sworn the Hippocratic Oath (which is to do no harm) and they MUST honour it. This is how we can legally (and respectfully) decline their offered mandated services and there is absolutely NOTHING they can do about it. Well we hope anyway!

Working from Home, was trending on Twitter today, so wondered why and found this rather lovely animation of sorts. I love the non-completeness of it all.

Tuesday 21 July

After months of denying the usefulness of face coverings, the UK Government has setup production lines in the UK to make face coverings! This could have been done months ago in preparation of opening up the country and protecting the most vulnerable people in society.

We all need a good cat video from time to time!

Men don’t want to wear masks! Either they refuse, they are too macho or they don’t believe in the science. Either way they have no respect for their fellow human being. Read the article below and be amazed at their attitude.

Now here is an interesting thread on Facebook on the subject of wearing of mask. Men suggesting many things why they will not wear a mask. Unbelievable!

Wednesday 22 July

It sounds like governments around the world are giving in to the refusal of wearing masks finally. Even if it is made mandatory in all public enclosed places, it is a good thing. After all, the report from the experts doesn’t look good. You’d better get your wardrobe of facemasks sorted out.

The UK will be living with coronavirus for many years to come and even a vaccine is unlikely to eliminate it for good, experts are warning.

Wellcome Trust director Prof Sir Jeremy Farrar told the House of Commons’ Health Committee “things will not be done by Christmas”.

He went on to say humanity would be living with the virus for “decades”.

It comes after the prime minister said last week he hoped for a return to normality by Christmas.

Boris Johnson made the comments as he set out plans to further ease restrictions, including the opening of leisure centres and indoor swimming pools later this month and the prospect of mass gatherings being allowed from the autumn.

But experts giving evidence to the cross-party group of MPs said it was important to be realistic that the virus would still be here.

Sir Jeremy, a member of Sage, the government advisory body, said the world would be living with Covid-19 for “very many, many years to come”.

“Things will not be done by Christmas. This infection is not going away, it’s now a human endemic infection.

“Even, actually, if we have a vaccine or very good treatments, humanity will still be living with this virus for very many, many years…. decades to come.”

He urged against complacency during the summer, saying the period was a “crucial phase” to prevent a second wave.

“If we have any sense of complacency of ‘this is behind us’, then we will undoubtedly have a second wave, and we could easily be in the same situation again.”

He said it was important to further build up testing capacity as well as investing in treatments and vaccines.

Vaccine ‘unlikely to have durable effect’

Prof Sir John Bell, of the University of Oxford, said he thought it was unlikely that Covid-19 would ever be eliminated despite the positive news announced on Monday that trials by his university had triggered an immune response — an important step in developing a vaccine.

“The reality is that this pathogen is here forever, it isn’t going anywhere,” he told MPs.

“Look at how much trouble they’ve had in eliminating, for example, polio, that eradication programme has been going on for 15 years and they’re still not there.

“So this is going to come and go, and we’re going to get winters where we get a lot of this virus back in action.

“The vaccine is unlikely to have a durable effect that’ll last for a very long time, so we’re going to have to have a continual cycle of vaccinations, and then more disease, and more vaccinations and more disease.

“So I think the idea that we’re going to eliminate it across the population, that’s just not realistic.”

Tony Robbins is doing his UPW event live via Zoom. 23,000 people from 138 countries wow!

Thursday 23 July 2020

Stephen Colbert’s interview with Tom Hanks who of course got Covid19 in Australia. The interview is in 3 parts in a playlist below. Tom Hanks is Donating his Plasma to help other patients recover from Covid-19.

Updates on Covid19, US centric via Medium. It’s a useful standstill report on the situation in the USA in the main.

  • Case count: There are over 3.9 million confirmed cases in the U.S. and over 14.9 million confirmed cases worldwide. So far more than 142,000 Americans have died from Covid-19.
  • President Donald Trump urges mask-wearing: The president also said in a press briefing that the outbreak will likely “get worse before it gets better.”
  • The stimulus plan debate continues: Republicans announced on Tuesday that they plan to provide $105 billion for schools, direct payments to American families, and more aid for struggling small businesses. Read more.
  • The CDC says the number of people infected with Covid-19 far exceeds the number of reported cases: Data suggests the infection rates for some regions are anywhere from two to 13 times higher than reported, the agency reports.
  • The European Union agrees to a stimulus plan: The 750 billion euro ($857 billion) stimulus agreement was spearheaded by Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and President Emmanuel Macron of France. Read more.

Now this is an interesting interview. Mary Trump talks about her uncle Donald Trump on the Stephen Colbert show! Below is a playlist with 3 parts to the interview.

And here is Stephen Colbert’s monologue, which I have missed watching. It’s not quite the same without an audience, because there’s no laughter or boos going on when he delivers his jokes and horrible Trump stories.

Friday 24 July 2020

Oh my, Sarah Cooper has done it again, they just get better every time.

A day out of time

It was a significant day for him to cross over, I learnt about this day when I went to meet with Masaru Emoto a Japanese scientist who photographed ice crystals, his lab photographed the water I used to sell, if you remember?? Wattwiller and the crystals were beautiful showing the water was so pure. Anyway, I attended a water ceremony and that’s when I learnt about the ‘day out of time’.

Below is what the mystical writings say about the 25th July, you don’t have to believe it, I just thought it was interesting that Papa decided to cross on this day.

“July 25th is called “The Day Out of Time“, since it is the culmination of the 13 Moon Calendar year originated from the Mayan science of time – it closes 13 moons of 28 days = 364 days. In this sense, the day out of time is the extra day, the 365th day, the last day of the galactic year in the Mayan calendar.

As a day free of time, it’s said to be charged with spiritual energy and with an atypical opening of energy portals, which allows a more intense connection with the spiritual world.

On July 25th we enter the day out of time portal, a place where all and nothing exists simultaneously. In the same way it re-aligns the 13 Moon calendar and solar year, it is also a special day to realign our own energies. We need to see it as a moment of change, projection and evaluation, perfect to let go what no longer serves us and that shouldn’t be part of the new cycle that now begins. Gratitude is also one of the best exercises we can do on this date. We should be grateful especially for what has troubled us, since it has made us move forward. Perhaps it is for the difficulties we have most to thank for, receiving with equal joy the lessons they have left.”

On this day Bradley completed his hours of community service and completed his sentence as a result of having a fight in the street. He received compliments for his work. Let’s hope he’s learnt his lesson.

The way that Trump addresses women, except Ghislaine Maxwell, he wishes her well! Oops! 🥴

The USA Covid19 daily briefings are coming back. It’s going to be a (S)HIT show!

On another note. I commented on the post below on LinkedIn. I can’t remember the exact words now, but basically said that I felt sick in my stomach reading this announcement whilst the rest of the country is on its knees. To know that lawyers are raking it in, is not something we need reminding of. They deleted my comment and I disconnected from Yvonne. By all means brag, but brag amongst yourselves.

Michael out…

Michael de Groot



This is my personal journal about the Corona Virus (Covid 19)

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