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Emergence poems #1

“Emergence is beautiful and dangerous” (Nora Bateson)

What will life be like as we emerge out of this particular crisis and move into the next? It probably will not be like anything that is being planned for and designed by the ‘grown ups’. And it certainly won’t be the kind of world that is imagined by the ‘rebel’ influencers with their conspiracies, love and light and hopelessly naive invitations to the some great awakening or new paradigm or return to the wild.

We’re in a fix, that’s for sure…


Temporary levitation misread as miracle
is transmuted to a moment of transcendence

ASMR air-brushed emotion, homage invited
with the hesitant, hypnotic feign of eye-contact

Honest honesty, honestly transmitted
through Instagram reels, cunningly edited

Trauma responses, exploited childhoods
(your’s and their’s) with the relevant and expected

Coincidence, obvious simplicity and the
construction of mythic fields of consciousness

Resonance, morphed into learned responses,
epistomology that lasts for generations

Playing with quantum fields as if you understand
the way the spin goes this way and that

Playing with DNA, as if you understand
the twists and turns of conscious fantasy

Evolution evolves and, as an evolutionary,
you understand the spiral of elitism as it spins

Towards the inevitable eugenics of magic wrapped
in dreadlocks, psychedelics and sovereignty

As, all the time, science evades you, and your gods
swirl and feint around your yoga hardened body

You clutch pearls to your chest as paradigms
are bypassed, and eternal spirit falls to earth.



Reflections from days of elemental trouble. Poems, fragments and referential writings.

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Steve Thorp

Integral counsellor & poet. Warm Data host. Edits Unpsychology Magazine & COVID Poetics on Medium.